Optimizing your Android

We know that iPhone is a “must have” for many people, but we are even more sure that there are much more Android users around there. Actually, we – Android lovers – can give anyone 10 great reasons why Android is better than an iPhone .
As long as we are not here only to compete, keep reading this post till the end and learn few tricks and apps and start optimizing your Android right now.



We have much more hardware options!

And that means that you can choose which one fits better to you. There are no limitations while buying your new smart phone. Until today Apple has launched 8 types of phone against almost 200 smartphones that uses Android. There’s no comparison when talking about hardware, not mentioning that each smartphone has a different layout, different from the Fruit, that all of them are almost the same.

Install whatever you want…

Sometimes this is a negative point, because this makes the mobile phone more open to viruses, but c’mon! You can have any app you want and most of them absolutely for free. There’s no one saying “No” to new apps and controlling what you will have or not.

Widgets simplify our life

To understand the difference between Widget and App, a Widget is a shortcut or a window that requires frequent update like a calendar or the weather information. So, the widget works alone, updating the needed information and it’s always reachable, saving you time. This way you don’t have to open an App, but simply the Widget, to check quick informations on your mobile phone.

Transfer Files via Bluetooth

If you didn’t know this yet, we must tell you that on iPhone the Bluetooth has only one function: to pair with others gadgets or accessories. With an iPhone you can’t simply send a photo to another person, or music. But with Android you can! You have the freedom to send your files in the best and easiest way you want. Bluetooth is one of them!

Your smartphone with your style

Android is the only platform that let’s you personalize your smartphone the way you want. You can change almost everything, from color to items. If you have an Android and didn’t know this, well, the Android users must use ROMs to change the complete interface of it. The most populars are CyanogenMod and MIUI.

Transfer your files in a very easy way

With an iPhone, you must have iTunes to transfer the datas from your computer to your telephone. Or iPhoto to import your phone’s photos. There’s no easy way and even the biggest Apple fan gets angry while loosing files with those automatics sync. Well, this never will happen with Android. You can transfer your files the way you think it’s better and enjoy 100% of every media you have. There are no limitations, just simplicity!

Any sound can became a ringtone

If you want to make your dog’s bark a ringtone, you can. Or that mp3 music you love, you can. Android is very flexible and you can change your ringtone for any sound you want within only few steps. No difficulty, no money spent, no nothing. Want to know this function on iPhone? Well, if you don’t want the standard sounds, you have to go to the store and buy a new one. With some luck your favorite music will be there.

Your Android will work a little like a normal Computer

There aren’t limitations while multitasking. And when we talk about multitask, we want to say several apps working at the same time, while your widgets are updating, the new updates are coming and on. iPhone is a little more like this after the 4th edition, but it’s not like an Android, that works a little more like your personal computer.

Get a better keyboard, if you don’t like Android’s one.

Contrary to an iPhone, which you must stick to the original keyboard, with Android you don’t have to. Typing in a mobile phone is a great problem since the firsts models. And with Android may not be different and your fingers don’t fit the original keyboard. So, if this happens to you, feel confortable to download another keyboards and enjoy your phone at most!

And the best for the last: it’s cheaper.

Not only cheaper, but with a great variety. It’s almost hard to believe that this simple and better platform is cheaper. We can show in our fingers how many Androids smartphones are more expensive than an iPhone. Maybe one and another, but all the others are more accessible than a hard to deal iPhone.
Well, after this reasons why Android is better, I’m pretty sure that you want to have one as soon as possible. But this post does not end here. Now it’s time to start optimizing your Android.


After a while it’s pretty normal that your Android is not as fast as it was by the time you took it out of the box. So, maybe it’s time to check those tips and see what you can do to make your good friend to start work as new again.
Why not starting with a clean up in your apps? It’s completely normal that we start downloading a lot of apps during our phone lifetime. But sometimes it’s better when you check all the apps that you never even opened or used just once. Get away of them. Don’t forget that if, for a miracle of life, you need them someday, they will be there for you to download again.
Also, when we have too many heavy apps on our smartphone, they will use a great space on it, and for consequence, will slow down our system. Remember to delete heavy games such as Spider Man, Asfalt7 and others. Those are pretty heavy ones. Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and other games like this can stay, because they don’t occupy too much space.
Nowadays the smartphones batteries don’t last too much and this makes us to use the telephone on the economic way. So, if you feel that your phone is too slow, try turning the economic way off. This will make your telephone work slow to save battery. And why not turning off the gps, 3g, wifi, Bluetooth and on while not using it? This will save you more battery than the economic way and will make your smartphone faster!
Another good tip is to turn off the animations and try to delete your animated or heavy wallpapers. Those two combined will give you a great change! And to improve the solution even more, can you remember the last time that you cleaned your smartphone’s internet cache and history? Well, make this combo and get surprised!
And now that your smartphone is working faster, how about a little talk about Apps for you to start optimizing your Android?



1 Tap Cleaner

Simplify the steps of making your smartphone faster with only one app. With Tap cleaner, with a simple tap the app will clean your internet cache and history, files that you had imported to your phone, your calls list and sms. Besides you can make a very detailed configuration on it and also have a detailed information about every app on your phone.

Android Assistant

This app will work as an assistant to your smartphone. It will reunite all the informations about the others app and tell you which one is consuming extra battery, internet, data and on. Plus, it will help you while cleaning cache, history and with simple actions as creating folders, copy and paste and more.

Android System Cleaner

It’s another app to help you keep your smartphone clean and fast, but this one, besides also cleaning internet cache and history, will also clean your telephone’s process, like the process on apps, searching, maps or YouTube, for example.

Fast Rebot

Sometimes we just feel like we need to restart our device. But also, sometimes we cannot lose this precious time. And that’s when the Fast Rebot is extremily convenient. This app will simulate a reboot on your phone in a simple click. In within seconds your smartphone will act as it was just reboted.

Air Droid

Have you ever imagined controlling your smartphone from your computer? Sometimes we are so focused on our computer that we forget our smartphone existence. And with Air Droid, you can bring your smartphone display to your computer and control everything there: messages, apps, etc. You have absolute control over your gadget without even touching it!

Clean File Manager

This app is a manager of all your files. With a very simple interface you will be able to copy and past, control, add and remove folders, control zip archive and more. Just like if you were on your computer, with no great difficulty.

Gravity Screen – On/Off

Sometimes we feel like everything could be magnetized, so our telephone would go on and off alone, without the need of pressing buttons or sliding fingers. And with Gravity screen, this is almost exactly what happens: every time you put your phone on the table, pocket, purse and on, it will automatically turn it on and off. And if you didn’t like the app, you can uninstall it using the uninstall button. As simple as breathing.

Swift Key Keyboard

You can test for free the most predictable keyboard in the world. This will make the way you text easier and faster! You can type with movements, clicks, tapping and the keyboard will guess what you are writing and also your next word. The best? It’s not an auto corrector! You just use the predicted word, when you touch on it. This way you won’t have any weird text messages changes!


This app was created to help you automate few things on your mobile phone. There are several actions that you can program to happened any time you want and any day you want. For example, you can tell your telephone to go on silent mode every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9 to 10, because you are at your Yoga classes. Or even tell it that on 10th March your telephone must go on flight mode, because you are travelling. If you want to make life easier, just try it out!
So, now that you have gotten few tips to start optimizing your Android and few tips why it is better than an iPhone, start right now to make a better usage from your phone!

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