LG 84LM960V Yet Another 4K Resolution Television Giving a Look into the Future

Technology is moving forward, especially in the visual world. In both homes and in the cinema we are seeing new technologies being used to try to improve the way we see things, like for example The Hobbit being played in some cinemas in 3D HFR which runs at 48 frames per second. Whether this was an improvement is up for debate, especially by critics, but this is not the only improvement being made. Lawrence of Arabia was recent digitally re-mastered and what made this special was it was done in 4k.

This increase in resolution is a technology that is also making its way into the television market with an eye at improving the image quality at home, but this comes at a cost. With the screens being 50-inch or above to use this kind of resolution the televisions take up space. The fact is though when there will be sources available that can take the so called 4K ultra high definition picture quality it will be worth it, but right now it’s for people who can afford to pay for it. The LG 84LM960V is one of these televisions, and at 84-inch in size this is a television that will take up a lot of space no matter where it is put.


There is no doubt that the 84LM960V looks good, with its metal and glass design it’s not the lightest of televisions and at the size it’s not going to be one you’ll be looking to move once it’s placed. The monster though is quite thin at 25mm. It looks beautiful and has quite a futuristic finish, of course the most important question is will the image quality that it can provide at the moment actually live up to its looks.


Other than the much touted 4K ability that will of course make it stand out, and the sheer size of the television the rest of the features are pretty standard for the modern high definition television. The television can be connected to the internet and has a Smart TV portal which offers connection to services such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube as well as network streaming. The television is also 3D which is almost standard nowadays.

The connections to the television include four HDMI connections, three USB, PC and Ethernet. The network can also be connected to by Wi-Fi so there are no worries about the need for Ethernet cables connecting to your router. The television also comes with two remote controls which are a normal LG remote plus a Magic Remote wand for internet use and gaming.

Image Quality

The best quality the 84LM960V will provide is of course through the use of 4K resolution source, which is not available to homes at this time. This is bound to change though as the resolution becomes more mainstream and ready for widespread distribution. With Sony rumoured to be making the Playstation 4 compatible with 4K this shows there is already a move to provide the support, but it will come in time. With a television like this the results will be amazing.

For now, the average user will have to put up with the upscaling that the television does, full HD sources are upscaled to 3840 x 2160 so Blu-rays for example will look very good, not up to the 4k standard of course but still way above normal quality. The 3D performance is also above standard using passing FPR technology and making use of the upscaling too.


The hardest thing to get past is what you have to pay to get a television like this. At around £22,500/$36,621 this is something that only the very rich would be looking to buy. The fact that there are no real 4K sources yet is something that will hold it back too though. When 4K sources are more widely available and the technology becomes cheaper this is one of the televisions that will be looked to as a way of making use of the new resolution. With sources that are readily available today such as Blu-rays and 3D the LG 84LM960V is a very good choice, but so are the other highly priced televisions that offer similar quality (for example the Sony KD-84X9005). Televisions like these are a look to the future, and with this type of quality the future is looking very good indeed.

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