Does Your Business Look More Like a Soap Opera or The Apprentice?

Daytime soap operas are painful to watch. Like so painful that when I pass through them while channel surfing I feel a giant pit form in my stomach.

But I will give them one thing – they are consistent…consistently slow.

Turn on any soap today and you will feel like you are in a time machine, suddenly transported back to your childhood home or back to your freshman dorm at 3:00 when everyone gathered for General Hospital or “Days”. Watch it today and Beau and Hope are still arguing about the same things, Sammy has once again gotten herself into some sort of mess, Victor and Vicki are still stoic and cold and someone just cheated on someone….for the thousandth time. The characters are still wearing designer clothes to do nothing more than walk around the house, everyone seems to have money with no visible means of income and their biggest stress in life is who to have their next kid with.

Nothing changes. You could go years without watching and then turn it on one day and within 15 minutes you have completely caught up.

Sound familiar? I hope not but unfortunately I see far too many businesses that resemble the drudgery and slowness of daytime soap operas than I do ones that resemble the speed, action, initiative and creativity of The Apprentice.

I meet people at a conference and then catch up with them months and/or years later and they are still talking about doing something they mentioned when we first met. They are still grasping on to the same story, giving the same excuses and waiting for the silver bullet to drop in and give them what they “deserve”. They are still struggling to get clients, make money, build a list, and inform the world of the message they are convinced on some level will change the world.

Then there are those who I’ve met who said they were going to do something and by the time I catch back up with them they have done that and a thousand other things. They run their business like it matters. Like they have no safety net, as if bringing in no money this month is not even close to being an option. Like if they don’t make this work, there will be serious consequences. They act like every day is a job interview with Donald Trump, like it’s the most important job interview of their life because they know that even if they are the boss in theory, it’s a worthless title if people have no interest in what they have to say or offer.

These people don’t over-think everything, they don’t let the stories of their childhood stop them, they don’t think they are unique for feeling like they’re not good enough and they don’t let themselves get away with anything. They call themselves out on their own shit.

And, they work their butts off because even if freedom and free time were bandied around as a selling point for starting their own business they didn’t believe it for one minute. They knew starting their own business was going to take a lot of energy, time, commitment, perserverance and rejection and if they weren’t ready for that they wouldn’t have done it.

These are the people I’d want in my camp. I’d want to be on their team and I’d want them on mine. Even if they failed a bunch of times I’d rather spend my time with consistent action takers than those who have gotten brilliant at talking about their projects and ideas any day.

It’s easy to get stuck in soap opera mode. It’s easy to mistake busyness and activity for productive action. But I doubt being in the same place 5 years or even 1 year from now holds much appeal to you.

The real question however is would you rather be in the same place a year from now or start working your ass off every day doing things that are very challenging, uncomfortable and risky and try to surpass even your biggest dreams?

When posed that question most people say they want the latter; however, when we dig deeper and actually track what they spend their time doing the truth is being comfortable wins out nearly all the time. We don’t like to admit that because it doesn’t sound very “entrepreneur-like” but we behave as though that’s our priority.

There ARE those who would rather bust their butt and push their limit every day and those are the people you’re likely watching. They are the really successful ones, the ones who put themselves out there, the ones who are doing things you rarely, if ever, do. Those are the people who would likely be just as good at selling vintage clothing as they are at selling their professional coaching services. Why? Because not succeeding and not going “all in” is not an option for them. This is serious business and they don’t have the time to sit back and talk about it. They’ve got work to do.

So, if you had some casting agents secretly watching you for the next month which one would show up at your door 30 days from now? The one from General Hospital or the one from The Apprentice?

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