Berry Blog: The Hate That Won’t Heal In Me

I was being fooled by myself for believing that the Chinese from China who came here are also people like anyone else. I was wrong!

Every time I see Sally (my brother-in-law’s second daughter), I suddenly feel the anger on them. My brother-in-law’s wife? We all think she really wore an unappropriate outfit on our wedding day on purpose. See her on this image. She’s the one on the leftmost on the image. Well, she even threatened her mother-in-law that she won’t attend our grand day. Well, no one really cares. I hope she didn’t went that day! My parents just can’t forget about what she did. And I, as the bride that day, would never forgive her.

I know the wedding is way back November 2006 and it’s almost past seven months. But I just can’t really forget. And for all the good deeds I and Nelson have been doing for her and her children. I can’t imagine how she still hates us. And my brother-in-law was a victim of kidnapping just before May 2007 (election). Who help her husband out? It’s his most hated Nelson! Without Nelson, he and his friends would not be home back without a ransom! It’s Nelson’s contacts who have saved them all, idiot woman!

And then here comes Nelson’s relative who I think hates me. Well, I hate her too. She always stares at me like I’m an alien. And she even talks about Filipino-Chinese as trash, even in front of me. Is it because our culture is different? Or is it because I had attended college education that makes her think I’m so classy to be part of their family. Classy? Hahaha they don’t have any idea what a poor me is in this world.

They are nothing! They have no car. They don’t own a house. They can’t rent a good condo. They are living here in the Philippines with illegal papers and they don’t even renew them. They are TNT! They don’t pay their taxes (kahit konti). And still, they think Filipinos are slaves! And they believe that Filipino-Chinese are half-witted Chinese because “we” have a different mind-set that is so wrong to them. F*ck Them! I really hated them.

But those friends of Nelson, even if they are Chinese from China, they treat me good. And I feel comfy with them. Even Nelson’s super rich relatives welcomes me (They even get a little frustrated if we don’t pay them a visit and would start calling us to drop by).

I want to be nice to them. But it seems those trash really wanna mess up with me. I know Sally had nothing to do with it. And I’m afraid one day I would really hate the child. Maybe I have to diverse myself on being the evil one, pretending to be nice to Nelson’s nieces. And so one day, the children would love me that their mother would hate it. A long term plan but I guess this is a good plan. I’ve just thought of this plan I guess on May 2007 when I started accepting them as shit on my life.



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