Yearbook Ideas to Make Your High School Yearbook a Success

Are you working on a yearbook? If you are doing some of the planning for high school yearbooks, it can often be difficult to come up with good yearbook ideas. There is quite a bit of work that goes into making a great yearbook, but with the right yearbook ideas, it can be much easier. Read on for some tips that you may be able to incorporate into a high school yearbook or other yearbook project. Use Contrast When you design a page layout, use strong contrast to differentiate one section from another. Don’t group items that look similar unless you want a section of similar items noticeably together. Making different sections stand out in very obvious ways helps each individual element hold visual interest. Items that are supposed to be similar can have a common thread or theme, but make sure that when you are grouping different club or team pictures on one page they stand out from one another. Repeat Themes Try to choose one overriding theme for the yearbook, and repeat elements of that theme as you move through your design. Yearbook ideas should come through on more than just one page to help the book seem cohesive. Choosing a theme for your yearbook is often the first project in a high school yearbooks class-you try to find areas within the yearbook where that theme can be repeated in a stylish and interesting way.

Align Your Yearbook Page Items As you lay out pictures and quotes to go in the pages of your high school yearbook, make sure that everything aligns well with the other objects on the page. Never allow one picture, mascot or quote to be set apart from the page as a whole. Items that aren’t aligned with the rest of the page will seem awkward and out of place, and might ruin otherwise great yearbook ideas.

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