Writing Groove – Playlist Enclosed

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I joined the What’s Your Groove Writing Playlist Challenge in preparation for 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes in October. I’m stoked and I’m scatterbrained! Picking music for a writing playlist is like choosing a favorite book – nearly impossible. It depends on what I’m writing (poetry, creative non-fiction, devotional, rant, journal entry, prayer).

I can’t write to music with lyrics. I begin to gravitate toward the sounds and bop my head and mouth the words. Like long symphonies of ribbons streaming from my mouth, I sing and decorate everything in my wake. Whether the decor is good or not is all a matter of opinion. I have been responsible for a shattered window or three.

My song choices make my husband laugh. This man is an ultra hip-hop nerd who schools me on DJ Kool Herc and all matters of the essence of beats. His snicker at my lyricless music was casual at first, perhaps not to hurt my feelings. But, now his smirk melts into a smile. He gets me.


Disclaimer: This is not my hubs. It’s a stock photo. 😉

I remember listening to an incredible tune on the interwebs and his response was, “YOU listen to Wu-Tang?” As in Wu-Tang Clan, y’all. I felt ultra cool. When it was time for the lyrics to pop in, the beats just kept going. His response was, “Hey! Where are the lyrics?”

“I don’t listen to hip-hop with lyrics.”

Friends, I don’t know how a hip-hop nerd of my husband’s caliber ever married me, but he did. LOL. And I love that he doesn’t have to explain his anomaly of a wife to any of his hip-hop colleagues.

I love that I’ve learned so much about a genre I didn’t care for because I had a completely strangulated opinion of it. The media doesn’t just mess with you on politics, they spoon feed you what they want you to believe of music as well. I digress.

More on the playlist. pexels-photo-96857-large

What inspires me the most when I’m writing is a cool, loungy environment minus the bonbons and sassy pen. The music must be married just so. My playlist while running or driving? Glad they didn’t ask for that one. 😉

With a hot tea for soul soothing, a sharpie pen for slaying word dragons, and looseleaf paper for crumbling, the environment is complete. I get to writing. The muse shows up or she doesn’t. Often, I plug my ears with tunes that have me swaying, but not singing. Total focus on writing.


This is why I can’t write to worship music. I’d bust out in worship, arms fully outstretched, eyes closed, and diaphragm belting out some major Jesus love. Although this is not a bad thing, I’d never get any writing done.

The same holds true of Mexican music. I already have the hardest time not transforming into a mariachi when Vicente Fernandez comes on. Where did I put my charro hat (aka sombrero)?  There’s only so many breakups you wish you could go through just to have an excuse to sing from the glottis.

Oh, right. The playlist!

Here is my compilation of electronic, pop, minimal lyrics, and a couple of good for my soul songs with Spanish lyrics.

I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I do. Check out my hubby’s instrumentals at #14 and #15. That was totally a plug.

Want to make your own groove? Link up with my friend Christina. See below. Keep it classy. Keep it clean. And keep it real, gente.