Writer’s Burnout and the Benefits of Writing Book Reviews


I am honored and elated to have a guest post over at the NEW Five Minute Friday digs for Kate Motaung. Kate is a hard-working, soul filled, inspirational woman. Have you met her? You’re missing out. Head on over.

I’m sharing about Writer’s Burnout (yep, there’s a such thing) and the Benefits of Writing Book Reviews. This may or may not be read with guacamole and Topo Chico mineral water. 😉


Queue red flashing lights. Pause for the train wreck about to happen. Shield your eyes. Ask for mercy and continue typing. Welcome to writer’s burnout. This is the point where your blog posts and Twitter feed stop making sense. Guilty party of one! Three months ago, I was this writer.

Writer’s burnout is the complete opposite of writer’s block. Burnout is a gigantic mind dump of information spilt onto the pages. And good luck sorting it out. It feels like your entire writing life was predicated on this moment. You want to switch brands and change your writing style completely.

At the height of my burnout I emailed a dear writing colleague and confided in her, “I’m burnt out on Christianity. I don’t want to write anything that has to deal with faith anymore.”

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