Have You Been Hung to Dry?

Faith Family Writing

//There our clothes hang like papel picado (perforated paper), across the clothesline, in our backyard. The sun grips the fabric desperate to start a fire. My clothes hang upside down like Junie’s attempts to hustle our attention. His face is drained of blood and filled with purple tinges – an asthmatic who is tempting fate.

“Stop that, Junie!”

“Yea, Junie! Stop that!”

Upside down, a loud smile, and a face about to combust, Junie gets right side up.

“Buncha scaredy cats. No fun.” He’s unimpressed. Us cousins, not yet old enough to understand the power of television, run off into the backyard straight through the clothesline. The wet clothes bang at our faces. Cheerleaders flapping in the wind.

Grandma shouts from the kitchen window, “You’re going to tear down the clothes! Go around, guercos cabezudos (spoiled kids).”

I remember every summer at grandma’s this way. Clothes hanging from the line. Our entire wardrobe suspended in the air – lonely, sizzling, bound by clothespins. Our spirit? Quite the contrary.//


I remember summers with my cousins, spent at my grandparent’s home, in the country. A South Texas summer two steps closer to entering Hades. Trust me. You learn to adapt and use the heat to your advantage. We had a perfectly capable dryer, but grandma chose to hang the clothes on the line.

She refused to let the summer sun be against her. Instead, she worked it to her advantage. This is how resourceful grandma is.

If God is for us, who can be against us.  Romans 8:31

It takes quite some time for God to show us how to use the scorching valleys to our advantage; he doesn’t disappoint. Often, it feels like we’re merely a wardrobe, hanging from a line in the scorching sun.

Have you been hung out to dry, friend? How can you use that to your advantage to give glory up high?

#Write31Days: Wardrobe

I’m participating in 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes hosted by my friend, Christina Hubbard at Creative and Free. Although I am writing each day, I’m only posting the Monday sessions. I didn’t want to bombard your inbox with 31 free writes. You already have to deal with me on Fridays! 😉

The word prompt today is WARDROBE. The forward slashes above indicate where I started and stopped for this session. Your turn. And Go!


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