Who’s Keeping Score Anyway


I can’t keep my mouth shut to save my life.

Me duelen las piernas from crossfit!”

“I’m starving.”

“They’re taking too long at the pharmacy.”

“I don’t have a headlight.”

Tengo sueño!”

This month my goal was to keep my mouth shut – boca cerrada – long enough to be able to notice joy and beauty around me.  Did I fail yesterday?  Yep!  I’m not perfect.  I’ll try again today.

I think the only time I kept my mouth shut yesterday was to watch the Compel Webinar on writing.  My husband gifted me a membership to this writing program and I’m thrilled about it.  Thank you for believing in me, my love!  I did pause the video every 3 minutes to summarize it for him.  It’s up to you if you’ll count the three minutes as boca cerrada.

I didn’t get any writing done as a result.  Sometimes I will fail, but I have to be okay with that.  I have to be okay with trying again.  The best things have come from trying again.  My husband, my children, my writing, my faith.

Haber que pasa hoy que es nuevo día.  Let’s see what happens today since it is a new day.

Have you set a goal and stumbled in the process?  You are not a failure.  Today is a new day!  Let’s try this again con la boca cerrada!

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