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It’s been a long time coming, but here it is – my brand new series: ‘Bursting Bubbles’. In this series, I’ll focus on New Age and why I turned away from it, just like that. I’ll also cover subjects like the illuminati, occult practices and paganism. I started these series because there is simply too much information to cover it all in one blog post. Today, I’ll start with the moment that I walked away from New Age.
I was raised as a Catholic, attending church on a regular basis, and completing my primary and secondary school at Catholic institutions. Especially, my father was very religious; my mother started doing yoga when I must have just hit teenage years (despite my father’s protests). At the age of 15, my father passed away from cancer which caused a very long time of bereavement for me. My family stopped going to church except for the occasional wedding, funeral, or baptism. From this moment on, I started reading New Age books. Astrology became my first interest, but it was shortly followed by card readings, mediums, channeling, witchcraft,… A few more years down the track and I was doing automatic writing myself. For those who are unfamiliar with this practice: you basically write down the information that you hear, mostly from what people call ‘angels’ or ‘guides’. I know better now! In my early twenties, I completed Reiki I and II, and became fascinated by the crystal world and any other kind of healing method.
> I know better now!
In 2007, thirteen years after my father passed away, my brother died due to an accident at work – only a few hours before his 27th birthday. And this is the moment where I completely turned away from God. If there was any faith in Him left after my father’s passing, I can guarantee you that it all went away and followed my brother into his grave. I know now that God tried to reach out for me. At that stage, I thought it were my ‘guides’ and I told them to ‘back off and stay out of my head’. I did not want to hear anything from them, but really… it was God who reached out and I turned away. I was just completely filled with rage. You can read about my feelings in ‘My Heartfelt Letter to God ‘.
Looking back on it now, I realise that this was the exact moment evil slithered into my life. I know it was already there within my New Age beliefs, but God still had a place in my life too, even if it was just a little corner. However, from that day onwards, I abandoned God and pushed Him out of my life completely.
> I honestly believed I was doing the right thing until I met her…
I moved to Australia in 2010 and this is where I went further into this movement. I started visiting more and more mediums, psychics, and card readers and had many healers ‘work’ on me. In 2013, I attended a brand new healing system that used geometry. The funny thing is that I was never attracted to this type of healing before. I hated it until then. Remember, the evil slithering in my life? Believing that this system completely changed my life, I went in further and further, finishing all the levels available and even doing the healing modality to become a healer myself. I honestly believed I was doing the right thing until I met her…
I found her through a mind-and-body type of organisation as I was looking for some help for my fertility and allergy issues. The first appointment felt rather ‘normal’. I noticed she mentioned God a lot, but I was okay with that. I hadn’t spoken about Him anymore as I used to refer to Him as ‘the Universe ’ and saying things like ‘I believe there is an energy that created us’, but since I grew up with Him I wasn’t offended. She asked if I believed and I think I must have said something that resembled a ‘yes’.
Without going into too much detail about the appointment itself, she did capture my attention with things like ‘this is the result of a curse’. I believed in curses. In fact, I believed in pretty much anything. Nothing seemed too crazy for me, so she got me rather intrigued.
‘You need to get rid of these curses,’ she said.
Oh, I agreed and after talking to my husband, we both went to her place to renounce curses and freemason stuff. And that’s when everything changed!
That particular morning, I had bumped into an article that said Jesus would now much rather be approached as Master Sananda as that was his true name. As such, I felt urged to say this to her when she started talking about Jesus Christ. Her facial expressions were golden! I think her eyes would have popped out of their sockets, and her jaw would have fallen on the floor if they could have. That’s how shocked she was with my ‘smart revelation’. For a brief moment, you could have heard a pin drop, and then she spoke.
> And that’s when everything changed!
Again, there is so much to say about the New Age movement it’s impossible for me to share all the information in one blog post, but I’ll give you a short version to start with.
The New Age movement finds its roots trough pagan and occult traditions. These traditions are based on false religions with false gods, goddesses and masters. There’s only one God (although non-Christians will argue otherwise) and so all the other gods and goddesses are the mask behind which evil hides. Their main focus is to create a one world order with peace and unity. Don’t get me wrong, God wants unity, but unity cannot prevail without truth, and at this stage there is no truth. Society has come so far to say that everybody has their own truths. Someone can say ‘I believe in God’ where the other can say ‘I believe in the Moon Goddess’. Neither agrees with each other, but to keep the peace, they’ll say: ‘Well, you can have you’re truth, I’ll have mine’. This is not unity, this is tolerance. Now, again… this is such a broad concept I will aim to give a more detailed post about this soon. In the mean time, I’d like to refer you to the following YouTube playlists. They have helped me a lot and I have referred them to several people since.
The main reason why I moved away from the healing system based on geometry was this: they looked suspiciously like satanic symbols . All New Age symbols are satanic! All of them, even the Horus eye (so bad), the Ohm symbol, and the Yin Yang. Seriously, if you’re a Christian, you ought not to have any of these symbols in your home. If you’re not a Christian, but a New Age believer… please, take your time to do the research and watch the videos! They are absolutely eye-opening.
If you do yoga (another practice you ought not to do), you may be familiar with the saying ‘to see behind the illusion’. I always thought I’d see the good behind all the evil in the world; the lessons we all needed to learn. I had no idea I was so wrong!
After doing that workshop, I walked outside and saw behind the illusion. I mean: I truly saw behind this curtain and I was shocked! I had no idea there was so much evil in this world! I noticed it in billboards, magazine covers, TV shows, T-shirts, logo’s, … it was everywhere! We live in a fallen world and people cannot see it. Most are absolutely blind folded, just like I was for so many years.
And that’s why I created LifeBubblesBlog… Bubbles… Illusions… Time to wake up!
God Bless,

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