Walk With Me Wednesday – Writing

Faith Grace Strength

It’s Walk With Me Wednesday at Cisneros Cafe.  Each Wednesday we’ll embark on a new journey. Let’s take a stroll.

Getting through the work week or even the month can seem like a huge journey to trek. Perhaps you’ve begun a new journey which you can’t wait to accomplish. Maybe you were forced on a journey which requires you to stay strong and keep the path.

I’m here for you, sweet friend. Don’t give up.

“Please grant success to the journey in which I’ve come.” Genesis 24:42

I’ve begun a new adventure in writing.  This journey has brought about lots of change in my life, including the realization that I have time if I make time.

On this journey, it is dire to know my schedule limitations and be mindful of my home life.  I’m excited to take this on with courage.  How are you treating your new adventure, sweet friend?  Have you mustered enough courage for the journey? 

Let me know what your journey entails.  I’d love to take a stroll with you.