Walk With Me Wednesday – Writing In Spite Of

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It’s Walk With Me Wednesday at Cisneros Cafe.  Each Wednesday we’ll embark on a new journey. Let’s take a stroll.

Last week, we began a walk together where I touched on the writing journey.  I’ll continue to write about this journey thru the month of February.

Are you worn out by the path before you?

There are few days I wake up at 4:30 a.m. and am not sure how I’ll make it thru the day with little sleep.  I must face the schedule of my full-time job, children, husband, puppy, writing, and reading.

When I begin to utter the excuse of why I can’t write today, I recall a time I had to write to survive. If I wanted to live, I had to write.  Putting pen to paper was the only light I would see until I was mature enough to know it was God all along.  He had other plans for me. Thank you, Jesus, for your promises.

I believe I was entrusted with the gift of writing to continue to sustain myself.  The definition of survival is the state of continuing to live in spite of difficult circumstances.

When we were called to write, it was a call to survive.  In spite of.

If you find yourself in a lull today, lift yourself up!  There is a call on your life to pull through, to write. What an honor to do it for the Most High.

Is your writing path wearing thin?  Try to remember when you were called to write and why. Tell me about it.

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