Walk With Me Wednesday – Life Pauses

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It’s Walk With Me Wednesday at Cisneros Cafe.  Each Wednesday we’ll embark on a journey through writing. Let’s take a stroll.  

Do you feel like pausing to take a deep breath in the middle of your sentences?

I like to decorate my writing with commas for no apparent reason other than I take a deep breath at those exact points in the sentence.  I’m not saying it’s the correct usage for commas, but where they land is where I take a breath.

I feel from these breaths, these pauses, God provokes a confession in me.  In these life pauses, a ribbon of honesty begins to unravel truths in my life.

When God asked Eve if she had eaten the fruit, He knew the answer.  He wanted her to speak it into existence. He wanted her to express it out loud.  Much how when I write, I am called to express it out loud in my walk.

From our writing and in the landmine of commas, God provokes in us a confession.  God exposes the quiet, the vulnerable, and the honesty in your life pauses.  

Commas remind me of life pauses.  When you write, what reminds you to pause?  Do you need a deep breath in the middle of the sentence in your life?  


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