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I’m kicking off March writing about community.  What does that look like?  In our writing, church, friendships, and in our home.

Beginning next Wednesday and for the entire month of March, you’ll meet and read some of my favorite bloggers since joining Compel Training of Proverbs 31 Ministries.  Each Wednesday I’ll have a guest post.

Grab your coffee.


What did you accomplish this week in your writing?  Perhaps you moved a mountain. I’d love to hear about it.  Here are three things I did this week.

Met a Deadline

I met a deadline. Inconceivable! No, really. I did. I applied to the Macondo Writers’ Workshop here in my hometown of San Antonio. It would be a great honor to be accepted under the poetry track to write, share, and grow in my writing.

I was so nervous! I’ve been writing poetry for a long time and still could not seem to narrow it down in samples. I hope I sent the strongest poems I’ve written. The audience reading my work will immediately form an opinion of my voice based on what I’ve written. Truly what matters is if I tried my best and if I kept my word.

Hit Submit

I wonder how often we’re held back from submitting or hitting publish on the screen because we know these opinions of us exist (not always bad). I’ve never met you, but I hope my voice and His light shine through. As writers, our job is to use our God-given gift to press forward with or without a following.

Last night, almost in tears because the dog wouldn’t stop barking and the deadline was looming, I put together my PDF file and hit submit.


Time to Wait

There is a season for everything. This is my season of waiting. There is so much to learn in our season of waiting.  What I learn during this time is going to make my writing stronger and solidify my prayer time.  What are you waiting for, friend?

How and what can you contribute to your community in your writing while still glorifying the Most High?

God is impressed with you. You are his shining light. Yesterday, my son was up in arms upset with himself in his season of waiting for his electronics to be returned to him.

My gentle and firm response to him (and I think God was talking to me too) was, “You are not allowed to treat yourself harshly because you are the son of the Most High.  God made you!  When the world is not happy with you and you start to drag down, know that there is someone above it all cheering you on.  Sometimes it will be me, but always it will be God. Always.”  

Tears flooded out of his eyes (and mine) and I wonder how many times God tries to tell us that about venturing out in our writing.  He will always be cheering us on.

What adventure are you stepping into this week?  Will you meet a deadline, hit submit, and wait with grace?  God is cheering you on.


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