Two Reasons to Push Through When Life Gives You a Burnt Marshmallow

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Did you plan to start the year off with a sparkling bang and instead got caught right in the middle like a burnt marshmallow in a s’more? I feel you.

I want happiness to ooze through the sweetness of life like chocolate out of a s’more. {Tweet This}

Life can still be sweet, right? Family. Sisters. Comrades.

And it can be a total graham cracker life as long as I can enjoy it by the campfire and with family. Songs, stories, tents, hammocks, all of it wrapped in peaceful grace like a serape hugs her matriarch. With an abundance of s’mores and enough toasty marshmallows to make Stay Puft jealous.

My favorite part of the s’more is the toasted marshmallow. Not burnt. Toasted. That’s the difference between just enough and going too far.

Lately, I feel like someone burned the marshmallow.


I’ve been in the middle of laughter and tears too much. I’ve been in the middle of exhaustion and the drive to pull through. You only have to turn on the television or scroll through Twitter to understand this feeling.

I’ve been caught in the middle all too often and it’s a confusing place to be. It feels like I’ve been burnt.

It’s almost too exhausting to write in this political climate, but O! What a time to be a writer. What a time to be an Esther! Woo!

The only sweetness oozing through is the power of God’s grace through a church which refuses to remain silent.

This year, I promised myself I would be a soul playa – practice nothing but goodness for my soul. As soon as the enemy heard, he stood in my cozy camp site ready to take down the tents and singe out the fire. He crossed my path at the very beginning of this year. What a coincidence, huh?

My financial situation is still tight.

My joy is still taken hostage by world events.

My family is still *insert anything. Really!*

I feel like I’ve been dealt a burnt marshmallow way too early in the year.


Friend, can you relate?

Let’s hang on to s’more goodness. {Tweet This}

I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being…  Ephesians 3:16

Here are two reasons to keep pushing through:

  1. We’re at the beginning
    Like it or not, we have 10 more months to go. We can’t sit over this campfire and wallow in the madness. Grab a prayer buddy and start lifting each other up. Grab a church partner and sound off. Grab a poet and make change. We’re gonna push through.
  2. We’ll miss the blessing
    How can we use this to grow deeper and draw closer to our Heavenly Father? Every failed opportunity is a wide open door to greet the Most High. {Tweet This}  This part seems docile. It’s not; it’s self-care.

I’m lifting you up and pray you will do the same. Let’s get through 2017 perfecting our s’more game.



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