Top Posts of 2016 at Cisneros Cafe

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What a year, friends! Thank you for being a part of it. I appreciate you.

It’s time to wrap up 2016 here at Cisneros Cafe. We are celebrating many blessings and hope to continue to do so throughout 2017. Shout out to all  my fellow bloggers staying true to their calling.

High praise to the group of women in my Compel community who never tire in lifting God’s name on high. Each of their journeys inspires me.

Grab your dark roast, spicy Christmas blend cup of coffee!

Below are the top posts you clicked on this year. (Great idea, Kate Motaung!)

Enjoy. Again.

  1. Truth in the Unravelingunraveling-knit-yarn

  2. Being Moldedmoldclay

  3. The Real Stuffpexels-photo

  4. What To Do While Waiting For An Answered Prayerlight-hands-water-river-large

  5. An Open Letter to My Oldest Daughter – You Are Not Replaceablepexels-photo-54300-large

  6. #PrayforOrlandopexels-photo-87584-large

  7. Darkness Cannot Feed Where I Do Not Allow It – Idol Talkperson-woman-hand-rainy-large

  8. When You Don’t Quite Fit In: Eradicating The Fear of “Other”pexels-photo-62358-large

  9. When God Pulls You From the Wreckagepexels-photo-53754-large

  10. Have You Been Hung to Dry?pexels-photo-102303-large

  11. Free Gratitude Journal from Cisneros Cafepexels-photo-large-1

  12. Let Grace Replace Your Fightpexels-photo-242422

    Which was your favorite?

    Next week, join us at Five Minute Friday for Books I Read in 2016. I’m really looking forward to this special edition link-up. Any excuse to peruse my bookshelves is joy to my soul.

    With love,