The Top 16 Best Apps for Babies They Don`t Want You To Know.

There are great apps out there that are specifically designed for babies whether below or above two years. It is perhaps time you stop spending countless time on YouTube looking for creative ways to amuse your child.

Here now is a list of easy apps that will engage your young one and keep them busy for a considerable amount of time. All will run on your iPhone, iPod touch, android or iPad.

* Toca Boca apps

Toca Boca is essentially a comprehensive apps suite for babies, complete with something for every toddler preference. There is Toca Band for music lovers, Toca Train for the auto-minded, Toca Doctor for the health focused, Toca Hair Salon for beauty enthusiasts and Toca Kitchen for the catering type. Winning or losing these games is part of the fun.

* Art Studio

You will be spoiled for choice trying to figure out which painting and drawing app you will download for your baby. It’s not free like Scribble Lite but is worth more than the $3.99 you will pay. It is comprehensive and just what your kid needs to grow into a champ artist.

* Peekaboo Barn

This is one amusing animation app. Animal animations come by as your kid touches on the screen doors. The baby will want to see what is behind the doors and will keep on touching. As he/she learns the game, there will be a time to guess on the next animal behind the door by listening to sound hints as well as sight words. This is a better idea to let the kid learn about animals. The app comes in several Asian and European languages. Each additional language costs just 99 extra cents.

* Tappy Tunes

Tappy Tunes bring home over 80 popular melodies to your baby. The baby is literary able to play the music just by tapping on the screen. It’s like hitting the white and black piano keys. The tapping has to be continuous as the melodies follow the rhythm set by the tapping. The original tune does not have to be the only one that your baby listens to every other time. Kids have a chance to create a tune of their own. What a creative way to introduce your child into music! And all that just for $ 1.99.

* Baby’s Musical Hands

If Tappy Tunes do not appeal to your kid’s musical antics, then Baby Musical Hands may be what he/she needs. The app makes starbursts and musical sound when the phone or tablet screen is touched. Both the iPod and iPhone versions have 10 squares while the iPad version has 15 squares. The squares are like notes and they produce varying sounds when touched. Fantastic boost for your child’s musical prowess.

* Cupcakes

With only $0.99, let your young one batter, bake and decorate cupcakes. This is something they can do all day and still not get enough of it, simple and creative. You can also be involved if you wish to quickly bring the artistic truth out of your kid.

* Fish School

Numbers, alphabets, shapes and colors are what kick starts the education path to every kid. What about introducing this basic knowledge to your 2 years kid? The Fish School app gives you that opportunity. The app revolves around a colorful fish, thus introducing your child to basic shapes, colors, numbers and alphabets, in a creative way. The apps interface is simple and your child will be able to play alone after one or two days of orientation.

* Adam’s Game

This app is for bigger boys and girls, those kids who can understand language. Three images are displayed on the screen. Your kid is then asked to touch a specific one from the three. There is a cheer if he/she gets it and a boo if he/she touches the wrong image. It is really a temperament meter for your kid that gets better because you can customize it and record your own voice as the instructor. With only $ 0.99, you will get something to keep your child engaged and excited.

* Baby Soother 5-in-1

Making your baby sleep is never a simple task especially when he/she is not sleepy. Do not worry about that anymore. There is a baby soother that will get them to sleep soundly and leave you some room to do something else. The app is a combination of scenes and sounds that soothe a baby to sleep. It never gets easier than just playing some music to a kid and the next moment they are asleep.

* Balloonimals

Balloonimals is fun and beautiful, though you have to be involved in the early stages of learning. Blow into the mouthpiece of your phone so as to inflate the balloon (it appears on the phone screen, not a really balloon). Shake the phone a little and the balloon is full of luminous animals. Poke the animals to bring them to life and behave just like real animals. This ‘magic’ goes for $1.99 and there is also a free edition if you do not want to make the purchase.

* iMommy

This is the intelligent and virtual mom that will instill some sense of responsibility to your child. Your toddler will be able to take care of her own virtual baby. She will feed, bathe, dress and play with the virtual baby. There is a free trial version that you can try just to see if your baby girl likes it before buying the full version.

* Fisher Price See n’ Say

Toys will never cease to be a part of any baby’s life, and now there is an app that mimics the conventional toys. Fisher Price See n’ Say is an imitation of a standard toy that turns and spins at a flick of the finger. It makes normal animal noise familiar to the kid then transcends to an action video that depicts the featured animal. Be sure to go for the option that your kid likes when choosing the designated animal character.

* Puzzingo

Puzzingo is the perfect game for those kids who love puzzles. It is an involving puzzle game accompanied with animations and sounds. The puzzles are designed to enhance child motor skills, colors, letters and number skills, perfect for the older kids who understand the fundamentals of language. Land animals and fish are included to intensify the fun. The puzzles are updated on monthly basis and the kids will have a new challenge to solve each month.

* Uncolor

Just like the name suggests, Uncolor is an ‘uncoloring’ app. Your baby should wipe off the black peel on the screen to expose what lies behind it. The surprise is a colorful and befitting graphic that lies underneath the black front. Suspense can be held if the kid can guess what picture will be revealed next. The pictures are adopted from real-life examples. It’s all about learning while playing at the same time. All this fun comes at $0.99.

* Bubble Pack

Bubble Pack is specially made for the iPad. The kid taps on the screen then the bubbles pop out and upwards to create a maze of flying balloons that will take in the entire baby’s attention. More tapping releases more bubbles and this time at higher succession speed than the previous. It is simple but will entertain your young one.

* Elmo’s Monster Maker

A child is supposed to select a monster, add a nose, a hat and eyes. The complete monster is then introduced to Elmo. The monster looks pretty like what the kids see in daily child TV programmes. It can also double as a whole-family entertainment app. The download goes for $3.99.

There you go. Add something more intelligent to your kid’s play stuff. The choice is yours, but remember your baby’s preference counts. Most importantly, babies should be able to gain valuable lessons while interacting with the apps.

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