The Highest Form of Art Communicates with God

Faith Writing

//A fly buzzes in the corner of the room where the bookshelf leans too far to the right. The window peeks out from behind, eager to grab my attention. The too warm study grips my legs at the ankles. It’s time to stay awhile.

With a gnashing of the pen and complacency of the paper, I begin to write. Words wage catastrophic forces, leaving run on sentences in their wake. There is no blood here. Only peaceful offering – a treaty between the text and me.

You do your justice. I’ll do mine.

Words leap onto my clothes, tiny armies of missional beings, ready to take charge where they must. Here begins the soul work.//


My study is my bat cave. My husband serves as my Alfred on occasion, slinging tea, concocting breakfast, and making sure I take my prenatal vitamins. I wouldn’t exactly call myself the Batman of writers although I often feel like it. Gotham awaits.

When I write, I find the most purpose in life. It’s a gift God has both challenged me and entrusted me with.

The highest form of art communicates with God. When we manifest anything from deep within our soul and translate it for the world to understand, God is at work.


You were created for something greater, friend. There is no doubt about that.

Will you choose to illuminate your soul work or choose to let it take a backseat to the gnawing mess?

#Write31Days: Global

I’m participating in 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes hosted by my friend, Christina Hubbard at Creative and Free. Although I am writing each day, I’m only posting the Monday sessions. I didn’t want to bombard your inbox with 31 free writes. You already have to deal with me on Fridays! 😉

The word prompt today is GLOBAL. The forward slashes above indicate where I started and stopped for this session. Your turn. And Go!