1. (podcast interview) Testimonios 108 (with Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros), Spanglish Seminary, October 2017
  2. (radio interview) The Cost of Summer Camp, Marketplace Morning Edition, June 2017
  3. No Ban, No Wall: Women Writers Unite, Tinteros Project, Houston, Texas, May 2017
  4. Career Day, Freedom Elementary, San Antonio, Texas, 2017
  5. April Showers (of blessings), Community Bible Church, Cancer Warriors, National Poetry Month, San Antonio, Texas, 2017
  6. Texas Writer, Reading and Closing Reception, at the American Literature Association: Symposium on Frontiers and Borders in American Literature, San Antonio, Texas, 2016
  7. Reading (video):  Texas Poet, American Literature Association’s closing reception in San Antonio, Texas, 2016
  8. Career Day, Linden Elementary, San Antonio, Texas, 2015
  9. Reading: 2nd Anniversary Underground Library, San Antonio, Texas, 2015
  10. Reading (video):  Poet, Librotraficante movement – banned books caravan, San Antonio, Texas, 2012
  11. Reading: Contemporary Arts Month, San Antonio, Texas, 2011
  12. Reading: Lenguas Libres, Writers Bloc – San Anto & Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, National Poetry Month, San Antonio, Texas, 2011