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I have been on short hiatus for travel, recovering from morning sickness, and celebrating my one year anniversary to my wonderful and loving husband. Every time I want to jump back on, I feel the somber presence of grief wrapping its fingers around the world.

Darkness will not win.

Today, I wanted to come back and found that yet again the madness of the world has quaked the earth beneath my feet. It wants to swallow us up.  Do not let it.

Love wins.

Love must win.

People get pitted one against the other, some of us raise an eyebrow with pre-conceived thoughts that add fuel to an already burned out flame. We can’t keep living like this. We can’t keep saying Nothing about it.


Our fellow humans grieve. We stand outside the circle and we look and we wish them well, but we never come into the circle to hug and to unite. To let them know we are grieving for them and with them.

Weep with those who weep. – Romans 12:15

I pen this as a mother with a mouth accumulating spittle and tears that don’t stop creasing the folds in my skin. To be the  mother of a man or woman who was at the Orlando Club Sunday morning, I cannot bear the thought.


My heart grieves for a mother who has lost a piece of her flesh, a piece of her body, a life she made in her womb, a child she loved before she knew (s)he existed. Just as God loved us and knew us and called us by name before we were ever born.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.  – Jeremiah 1:5

He set each one of us apart. Each one of human-kind. Each living, breathing human life. Me and you.


I don’t want us to forget that each human life has a purpose. Each human life. Each one. Each one. When we want to form words like sharp knives or look at someone with the lens of astonishing judgement, let us understand that no one deserves to die by the power of the sword or by the power of the tongue.

We’re in this together. Don’t let darkness win. Don’t let our tongues say in haste what we can never take back. Don’t let our thoughts scream louder than the strumming of our heart strings. Don’t let wisdom be shrouded by the dark.




My friend Christina Hubbard over at Creative and Free had some powerful words for us yesterday evening. Visit here: “How Christians Can Fight Complacency, Terror, and Hate #PrayforOrlando”

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