Is Viral Marketing Better With Videos or Games?

Even though most people even now associate viral marketing and advertising with video and YouTube, reaching satisfactory benefits with business viral video marketing has turn into difficult, because of to above saturation. Viral games even so can still provide great outcomes, virtually often surpassing those of video campaigns, here’s why:

Seeding your viral video game is less complicated

There are a lot of on the internet games portals and local community internet sites that will characteristic and actively market your online game for totally free. It’s relatively easy to get a online game on the front web page of a handful of higher targeted traffic video games portals, possibly getting your online game in front of thousands and thousands globally, but consider undertaking that with YouTube, or 1 of the other main video clip sharing websites. More than saturation on the video sharing web sites has meant that it can be practically unattainable to make your video clip stand out from the huge quantity competing for your audience’s attention.


Viewing figures are higher for viral games

Simply because they are less difficult to seed and get in front of people, viral games usually get witnessed and played by many a lot more folks than video clips. It can be frequent for viral video games to attain hundreds of thousands of performs, whereas only a quite small quantity of the extremely finest viral movies can hope to compete with these amounts.

Viral games can link straight to your website

Viral games can have clickable net links embedded inside them and clickthrough charges are really good. Typically numerous occasions better than other types of on the web advertising this kind of as banner advertisements at close to ten%. The difficulty with viral movies is you cannot consist of these clickable backlinks. The best you can do is contain a URL and hope. Clickable web back links in viral games present numerous moments the referral site visitors of a video because of this.

Viral games are interactive

A good viral video game engages your audience significantly better than any video by enabling them to not only see, but interact with your model. This will increase the influence of the advert, helps make it much more probably to stick in the viewers mind and helps make return visits considerably far more likely.

You get far more for your funds with viral video games

Considering the previously mentioned points and the fact that viral video and viral video game production charges are similar, this makes viral games much more price successful. A lot more views for the same invest as properly as the reality that viral games are significantly much more engaging makes them considerably far more appealing as a advertising device.

You can quickly, properly check results with viral games

The achievement of viral movies can be really difficult to check precisely above many internet sites and hoping to establish extra viewer information can be nearly unattainable. Its straightforward to include a viral tracking program into your viral online game code in purchase to keep an eye on detailed stats about your marketing campaign. Making use of either one of the no cost or compensated monitoring systems devised especially for viral Flash or even Google Analytics, you can track precisely who is playing your viral video game, what region they are from, how prolonged they play for and how they interact with the online game, such as internet link clickthroughs. This is priceless for holding track of how well your viral sport is executing. This kind of correct data just isn’t effortlessly offered with viral video clips.

You can even use viral video clip to promote your viral sport

This may possibly sound a bit odd, considering every little thing preceding this, but inexpensive viral video clips can be effectively used to boost traffic to a viral online game. We usually do this with the viral video games we release, where we generate a brief gameplay video clip in order to further advertise the viral online game. Due to the fact it can be just a video clip seize of the online game there is quite minor time, work and expense concerned.

Even with viral marketing being synonymous with on the web video clip, viral video games undoubtedly provide the far better, much more successful option for viral advertising.

iPhoto Basic Editing on your iPad and iPhone

It’s fair to say for the average user of a camera, which means not the professionals or hobbyists who want to have something more advanced, the smartphones like the iPhone is the camera of choice. As we snap away with the phone and build up a collection of pictures it’s nice to have some kind of app to edit these pictures and add our own little style to them.

Users of Mac computers will already know of the iPhoto app for the Mac as it comes for free with the OS. The good thing about it being an apple product though is that they have now made it available for the iPhone and iPad too meaning you can edit your images on any device, though the iOS version is not as powerful as the Mac version, and not as connected between the two types of devices as much as we may like. The fact that we can still edit our images though is still a good thing.


Managing Your Images

The first thing that is noticeable with the app is that you can use Photo Journals on your phone. This is a cloud service meaning that you can share the images between your devices as well as having a unique URL for the image giving it access over the internet. Of course this helps with the Social Media side of things which can also be done through the app. One thing you’ll have to be aware of though is the file size, on the cloud and on the Mac they can be full size but on the iOS devices they will be limited in side. This is down to the limitations of the devices themselves.

User Interface

As can be expected from Apple the user interface is slick and easy to use. Through a thumbnail browser it’s easy to pick the image you want to view, and edit with the ability to view the image full size to check on its focus and colour etc. There is also the ability to view the images through Airplay or Apple TV, as well as through an HDMI cable to your TV. This is useful for not only home use business too for presentations. Although you can organise your photographs into the folders the app provides it’s annoying that you can’t create your own folders for more choice.

Editing your Images

Editing includes the ability to zoom into the images and apply filters, sharpen the image, lighten and darken it and desaturation. These options apply to the image as a whole, but through use of brushes it is possible to edit the image at a local level. These edits that are made only affect the image once it is re-rendered so you can mess with it to find the perfect change, knowing that you can undo it whenever you need to.


For the average iPhone, iPad user who wants to edit the photographs that they have taken while on a day out or a good night with friends this is a good app that gives them basic editing potential and is quite fun. The more advances user though will see the weaknesses straight away, but it is obvious who exactly this app is for. It would have been nice if there was more compatibility between the devices and the Mac iPhoto software, and the restrictions to the image resolutions does hold the app back slightly but future upgrades to the software may improve these issues.

iPad Mini Lets Apple Take a Bite Out of the Competition

Yesterday was the day that all Apple fans and tech fans had been waiting for, Apple were finally going to let us into the “mini” secret that everybody knew about. Along with the release of the next generation iPad using the A6 chip they showed us the iPad Mini. Basically a 7.9-inch version of the iPad itself it promises to be able to do everything the bigger model does, and be a better mini tablet than any other on the market.

Of course this is quite a major claim and there is a lot to prove. When people can buy the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD at budget prices and offer excellent performance, can the iPad simply come in and steal all the market from them? This is debatable, even if Apple believes they can but the fact is this is one hell of a tablet that Apple fans will love, and people looking for their first tablet, even in mini form will really have their eyes set on.



Quite simply in line with most of Apple’s new announced technology (new iMac, another Mac Book Pro, new iPad) everything about the iPad mini is thinner and lighter. The big difference with this variation of course is that it’s smaller. The good news is though this is basically a downscaled version of the iPad in screen size only (which of course has an impact on resolution and image quality). But at 7.9-inches, 7.2mm thinness and 308g weight (for the Wi-Fi only model) this is a nice, light tablet that can fit in your hand quite easily. Volume and screen-rotation lock buttons have moved to the right-hand side of the unit and headphone socket is on the top of the tablet now rather than at the bottom. It should also be noted (though it was already known) the iPad mini charges with the lightening connector.


The most important change with the size is the much talked about 7.9-inch screen. This is capable of a 1024 x 768 resolution with 163ppi. This means that as expected with Apple’s quality products the screen is bright and vibrant with the text as sharp as ever and colours are vivid. Videos look good on it and web pages are easy to read, if anything this may be a more mobile version than the bigger iPad that is harder to use at times with the need for two hands at all times.


The rear camera is a 5MP iSight camera which works as good as the one on the bigger version of the iPad so pictures can be taken with the same quality, though the image on the screen of course won’t be as good as the retina display quality. They will still look good though. A front camera is of course included for the all-important Face Time features.

The chip inside the iPad mini is an A5 processor which is fast and should be able to power all the apps and multimedia you can throw at it. It was a disappointment in a way that Apple showed off the latest iPad with the A6 processor and promised double the speed and excellent performance, yet did not include this processor in the mini version. This of course maybe down to the limitations of the mini itself or just down to the fact that both the new iPad and iPad mini were in development at the same time and decisions had to be made on stable chips to work on to get the mini released on time. This of course is just conjecture but it’s still interesting to think about.


Apple tout their claimed “10-hours battery life” and pushed it for all it was worth in the speech, but this is something that will have to be proven in real life usage. This claim has been known not to hold up with the processor intensive applications that the iPad uses so it will be interesting to see just how long the iPad Mini batter will last with some real use. Anything close to the stated time will of course be welcome and as long as it lasts a day’s use there should be little issue here.

The iPad mini is an excellent tablet that can now fit in your hand, it has huge potential for not only Apple fans but people who can’t afford the full priced iPad, or are even looking for something a little smaller. Apple’s problem though will be the way they move to try destroy the competition against them, sometimes with claims that may or may not be actual fact. It’s easy to bend facts and point out frailties of other products to try and sell their latest products, but this lack of tact may not in fact get them far.

Apple will always have their fans but with the price scene (£269/$329 for the cheapest models) they are looking at a price tha is up to £100 (in the UK) more expensive than their competitors. Yes, the cost may be worth it but people will still take a look at the competition and see a device that can compete and can do so at a cheaper price. It will be interesting to see just how dominant the iPad Mini will be when it’s released in the coming weeks.

Introducing the Pipo Tablet Company

When all the major brands are competing hard in the market providing the latest technology including the tablet products, the Chinese Pipo Tablet company is not far behind as well. Certainly the Chinese products manufactured from Shenzhen are one of cheapest brands to sell tablet computers around the world. Pipo is one those brands that has successfully entered the world’s market with their cheap tablets in various different shapes and sizes. However, very little is actually known about Pipo and therefore let’s have a look at how this company started to make its way to the tablet pc industry.

The Background of Pipo

Pipo has its origin from Taiwan but they manufacture their product from Shenzhen, China. The company started in 2003 where manufactured several mp3 players and distributed throughout the various parts of Asia. The cheap MP3 players became very popular among the people in eastern and south asia where Pipo exported their products in limited to some parts of Europe and North America as well. The company always upgraded their products like manufacturing MP4 and even what they called MP5 wave players for the East Asian market mainly. They also made cheap ebook readers, digital photo frames, speakers and so on. The manufacturers at the Pipo have always been on the lookout for what trend is going on in the technology industry and have always tried to come up with unique products to satisfy the customer needs to possess cheap and quality devices. Certainly, the digital photo frame was a very good innovation that no other companies have done before.

The Pipo Tablets

In the year 2010, when the tablet PC revolution was taking a hike with products like Ipad mini and so on, it was time for Pipo to step into the tablet market. In this process, till to this date, they have around 20 different tablet computers and smartphones in many different sizes ranging from 5 inches to 10 inches. Many of these products have received very good reviews from the users all over the globe where it is believed for Pipo tablets to have many features for multimedia and work at a very low and affordable price. Although android tablets are the most demanded tablet pcs, most of the Pipo tablets have the windows operating system in it, making it very famous among those users who prefer windows over android. Since, windows is user friendly for those who want to perform office related work at a very affordable price, the pipo tablets are certainly the most popular among all the Chinese products. Furthermore, Pipo also have some android tablets as well making them one of the few companies that use both the popular form operating systems in their products.

The Future

There is a high potential for the future of Pipo where they can become a very influential Chinese company like HTC and have a good share in the North American and European market. There is still plenty of areas of improvement for the company and through proper strategy they can develop into a prominent electronic product company fighting with the tech giants of the first world countries with quality and performance.

Incorporating Social Network Techniques Into Your Long-term Company Plan

Excessive use of online social networking at function can possess a negative influence on productivity. But, this contemporary method of reaching and gathering individuals may be quite a wise company tool in enhancing the technique of performing company. The marketing departments of companies and companies should be smart sufficient to recognize the excellent worth of utilizing the social media in the way they promote and sell their item and services. Even extra departments like statigic preparing, procurement and recruiting recruitment can tap in to the vast resources offered by these networking internet sites.

Companies of all sizes across all industries are currently impacted from the financial slump skilled in numerous parts on the planet. Budgets happen to be reduce and are being rationalized in order to ensure which dollars and cents are becoming put in wisely in the locations that bring the most earnings. In a lot of companies, marketing budgets are being sacrificed in favor of other in business costs which are considered to be much more important maintaining in mind the businesses up and operating. Fortunately for these businesses, the online social networks present a less costly way of advertising in addition to promoting their goods and also services. The beauty of these networking websites is they permit businesses to succeed in more of their marketplace segments using the least quantity of money.

What activates the advertising inside on-line social networking is word of mouth. Word of mouth marketing in the traditional perception turns people straight into spokespersons for the brands that they find interesting and helpful in their daily lifestyles. In social networking, exactly the same theory holds correct when people speak about products and services online and spread the word to pals, members of the family, and associates in their networks. It has been shown that the more intriguing the goods and options would be the much more individuals about the social networking sites talk about them. But, the story doesn’t end there. On-line entrepreneurs should be able to craft fascinating messages about their producers to be able to get probably the most miles. The interest of their viewers needs to be sustained to be able to keep the conversations going. With all of the various types of messages that these audiences obtain everyday, marketers ought to make sure that their very own messages about their brands are not drowned out.

Using these online social networking websites in strategic marketing communications is as modern as you can get, however the old marketing principles regarding giving clients much more appeal still hold correct. Any company marketing their products as well as services online should nonetheless make sure that their customers see value inside their offerings on various levels. Since on the internet marketing requires much less monetary investments, businesses might re-allocate some spending budget to make their goods much more affordable. The extra savings from marketing and marketing expenses may also be redirected to promotional routines online. However, they need to also have the ability to produce enough excitement via their own promotions to preserve interest. Much more thrilling awards and incentives may be provided to audiences which will draw them to actions online and consequently to become patronize goods and services.

One more business-wise way to make utilization of these sorts of social networking sites would be to discover the proper contacts and also the correct sources that companies might companion with. These websites could be leveraged to create profitable alliances and synergies between companies online. Affiliate marketing will be one lucrative method of integrating which has spurred a person’s eye of many companies as a means of expanding their particular distribution lines. Discovering those people who are thinking about becoming affiliates is made simpler together with social networking websites. Likewise, affiliates can find buckets of their target marketplace segments by indicates of social networking sites. Companies and their on-line marketers may also link to their social networking websites to be able to gather their existing and also prospective customers. This should get all of them talking about their goods and services in a way that would definitely prompt much more revenues.

Turning a blind eye towards the various techniques that these social networking sites may assist companies rationalize their spending and broaden their consumer base would be a large error for almost any company. The playing area will be leveled even for smaller company owners because they don’t need to put up a huge quantity inside capitalization in order to tap this on-line resource. Investing within the minds that can believe up really efficient social media marketing methods would be the only investment that is necessary to touch these online networks.

How to Make Your Facebook Fan Page Work For You

Really, creating a fan page on Facebook may turn out to be a highly profitable practice for you as it can bring you new customers which will be eager to purchase the products you sell or order the services you offer. There are more than 500 millions of users signed up for Facebook and they are always searching for some new experience and goods that can make their life easier. Don’t forget that Facebook is a social network so its users communicate with each other constantly which means that the word about your company may be spread really fast. So how to make this system work for your profit? How can your Facebook page lead you to success?

The first thing you need to take into account is that fan page is an online presence which, like any other website, attracts the attention of Internet users. If your particular goal is to captivate new clients than its quite logical that your fan page must be attractive and eye-catching! Its outlook must feature something extra-ordinary, something that will evoke a wish to browse further. So the first aspect of successful page is its DESIGN.

Secondly, a fan page must convey a massage which in fact is your main purpose. The visitors must understand what exactly you offer/sell and what benefits your services possess. In other words – you must precisely describe the main features of your products/services and in a friendly way highlight the main advantages of your offers taking into account the users’ needs. It must be clear for every client that this or that product is the best choice ever So, to cut a long story short it is all about the CONTENT.

After your Facebook fan page is launched you must not stop working on it if you really want the page work on YOU later. We mean that you must update your page on the regular basis, keep in touch with your customers, always share the information about special offers and novelties, politely invite new visitors to your page and so on. Make the users feel that you need them, that your company is the right assistant for them and always show your support when it is necessary. If your customers ask questions about the products or need some help to use them always respond timely. Thus you will earn more reputation and can be sure to get a good feedback then. Yes, this is it – SUPPORT.

So, we tried to mention the main aspects which can help you attract customers and thus earn more with your Facebook fan page. Of course, we can’t be responsible for the content you provide or for your support system functioning but still there is one good thing we can do for you! W are happy to help you with a fan page design by providing readymade Facebook templates. This will save your time, money and endeavors while creating a fan page outlook as we have picked up the best Facebook fan page templates which are ready to be used right away and don’t require developing anything on your own. Please, take a look at fan page designs below and be free to choose any one which fits your likings. We did our best and hope that our collection will be useful. Good luck!

Google Plus One

Google plus one is gradually over time, but surely, taking the globe by storm. However some persons can be wondering; just what is Google plus one?

Google plus one is Google’s most recent experiment that permits you to like (as in 1) a web link. It’s exactly like the likes in Facebook, and in a way, the Tweets in Twitter. The instant you log into your Google account, you will have the choice to plus one every page you find fascinating. The things you plus one will be shown to your friends, family, and contacts which can be connected to your Google profile page. And as a consequence, every webpage which you plus one will achieve greater rankings in Google’s directory. It’s like as if your announcing to the world the webpage you plus one’d is certainly “pretty cool” and deserves the opportunity to remain visible.

The Google plus one button can be found here; 1/button/. And each time you click a Google plus one button, you’re giving your symbol of approval. The greater the plus one’s a website has, the more preferred and interesting it usually is.

Can this help me?

Unlike Google’s other failed projects including Google buzz and Google wave, Google plus one is simplified and incredibly simple to use and operate. You also have a choice of running plus one ad’s (this is particularly helpful to marketers), this will help to Google locate and find out more about you, and this will also help center their advertisements. It’s like a survey hidden craftily underneath Google’s surfaces, whilst it might appear being a headache to contribute, if you do conceive to run an ad on Google at a later date it will be good for you in the future.And while on the subject of benefits, Google plus one helps you filter through rubbish webpages by allowing you to view what your family members and acquaintances have plus one’d. Having said that, do be careful of who you befriend and ensure those particular individuals aren’t spammers. Other than this, the only other thing users need to be thorough of is running two experiments directly, as only one experiment can be run at a time.

How must I join?

But how do you enroll in this new, exciting experiment? To join this experiment, click the link to Google’s experiment page and then click “Join this experiment”. You will discover this near the header saying Google 1. Just what exactly are you waiting for? Go ahead, join, and receive every one of the advantages Google plus one has to offer!

Facebook Timeline: Prepare Your Band for Innovation

Facebook keeps on developing and this time it has prepared some interesting innovation –Timeline for brand pages. Though this novelty will go live on March 30, every one can now preview the new look and estimate the changes before this update takes effect.

In order not to stumble upon different kind of surprises while using Timeline after its official start-up you need to prepare your brand. It is crucial to understand the mechanism of work and not to throw away everything that you already know about brand pages running. So here are some effective tips for you right now:

1. Stick to your own social media plan. The layout of your brand page will look different after Timeline introduction but Facebook still remains a strong communication tool by purpose. Your main goal is to create and support two-way communication with your clients so if you have already developed some social media plan you must stick to it anyway. Timeline promises to make pages more aesthetically attractive but it doesn’t mean that you can relax and count only on customers’ impression from a new visual image of your brand page. You must continue working on your page promotion so don’t stop and don’t think that Timeline introduction can influence your marketing strategy.

2. Prepare an image for Timeline There is one great feature that new Timeline will possess – a large image that is to be featured at the top of your brand page. Facebook has granted a lot of space for this particular image so you must use it in a smart way to turn into another page benefit. This is a perfect way to show something really powerful and catchy. You are able to change the image when necessary but in every case it must be attractive and make your visitors like your page from the first sight. You are free to choose any picture but you have enough time to prepare something winning and effective.

3. Go through your brand history Timeline gives an excellent opportunity for every business to share more historical facts about the brand. As you will be able to tell about your company history choose the most important dates, such as the day of foundation, moving to new location or introducing new services. Show how your company developed in the course of time. Customers appreciate when business uses a kind of a personal touch and are likely to know more about your company to understand it better. So you must use the chance and tell a friendly story about your brand, let your clients know how it started and how turned into the present situation, describe the main steps of your successful career.

4. Do some cleaning Timeline and spring-time make up a perfect opportunity for cleaning your Facebook brand page and evaluate the people that are involved in working on it. Take a look at the list of your page admins – do you really need all of them or not? Refresh your page updating the information, spice up by adding multimedia content and change the location data if necessary. Timeline will also provide a map feature so you must make sure that your company location is right and people will find you easily.

5. Don’t be afraid of the changes You don’t have to interpret Timeline start-up as an effort to force you to make some considerable changes suddenly and quickly. You have time till March 30 to get used to this changes introduction and prepare for switching from your brand profile to Timeline. So there is quite enough time to adjust your business page and meet the changes with no worry. Your fans will visit the page, your regular customers will appreciate your work and you still need to attract potential clients. Everything reminds the same except your brand page visual image which promises to be more stunning and eye-catching. Don’t be afraid of these changes and think over an effective strategy that will help you use Timeline features for your benefits!

Facebook Marketing Ideas For Easy Free Leads

The best location to encounter targeted leads is through the social media. People use social media to network with different people so why not employ that to your advantage?

The Facebook platform is separated into three principal components: profiles, groups, and pages. By typing keywords into the search bar of Facebook, you can easily locate your target market’s groups and pages.

Number 1 for my Facebook marketing ideas:

When you’re getting started using Facebook here is what you should do:

Set up your Facebook profile to be very personalized. nobody desires to network with one more mlm robot! If the only thing you have is your primary opportunity splattered all over, then nobody is going to actually want to connect with you.

Add pictures, your likes, your interests, movies, music, your website, email, plus of course a short little bio about you. This will make it much simpler for people to connect with you and you’ll look like a legitimate person instead of some creeper hiding behind the computer screen.

join groups and pages that are in your target market. For example network marketing, MLM, Facebook for business, and Facebook MLM tribes.

Jump in on conversations that you see through the home page of Facebook so people notice who you are. Write something controversial or inspirational in your status updates to receive attention. You have to get people animated and notice stuff about you!

RULES: NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS post your opportunity on someone’s profile wall!! That is just inconsiderate and annoying and you will probably get marked as a spammer. The profile wall is where you post something familiar to that person, NOT your links.

Your links are meant for the groups and pages that are not private pages. frequently there is a description somewhere that will tell you the “rules” for the group or page.

Number 2 for Facebook marketing ideas:

The means to prosperity using Facebook is to be regular and be everywhere with whatever it is that you are doing.

If you go on Facebook and share 2 ads on the groups and then don’t get on for another week, more than likely you are never going to get people to click on your link. however if somebody sees your face over and over again and they see you everywhere they are much more apt to click on your ad.

By being consistent you are already starting to grow trust with your prospect. That’s a little odd to think about right? By being regular on Facebook you’re forming trust with prospective leads? YES!

and by being everywhere you are furthermore building credibility and social proof that people know who you are. If you’re on the groups, the pages, dropping by to say hi on profiles, jumping into status updates, and commenting on things, you are being everywhere.

To help you to be regular and be everywhere, I really recommend that you create a list of everything you desire to accomplish on Facebook and stick to that list! That way you will be 10X more effective with your time.

RULES: If you are going to post your blog post or ad (in essence anything with a link), then make sure that you do not post them too fast! Facebook will see you as a spammer and you will get shut down! It’s a gradual process when it comes to posting tons of links. Start out with 5 a day and work up slowly from there.

Number 3 of my Facebook marketing ideas:

Only give out your primary opportunity when the time is fitting!

My number one plan of action on Facebook is direct messaging my leads that come from my blog. A lot of times when I ask them how they are doing and what they do for a living the answer they supply is a link to their replicated website.

NO!!! That is NOT what you do!

People who ask you what you do for a living are trying to begin a conversation and get to know you better. Don’t be the network marketing robot and spam your link to anybody who sounds like they could potentially be curious!

RULES: Only give your link to somebody who asks you for it, they really are interested, or to somebody that you already know so well that you’re “recommending” and not “pitching”. If somebody is married to their business then you are more than likely NOT going to convince them to fall in with your company.

find the people who are looking for another company or a different leader to join. You’re only going to find that out if you truly connect with the people you’re talking to.

Those are my top three Facebook marketing ideas!

LG 84LM960V Yet Another 4K Resolution Television Giving a Look into the Future

Technology is moving forward, especially in the visual world. In both homes and in the cinema we are seeing new technologies being used to try to improve the way we see things, like for example The Hobbit being played in some cinemas in 3D HFR which runs at 48 frames per second. Whether this was an improvement is up for debate, especially by critics, but this is not the only improvement being made. Lawrence of Arabia was recent digitally re-mastered and what made this special was it was done in 4k.

This increase in resolution is a technology that is also making its way into the television market with an eye at improving the image quality at home, but this comes at a cost. With the screens being 50-inch or above to use this kind of resolution the televisions take up space. The fact is though when there will be sources available that can take the so called 4K ultra high definition picture quality it will be worth it, but right now it’s for people who can afford to pay for it. The LG 84LM960V is one of these televisions, and at 84-inch in size this is a television that will take up a lot of space no matter where it is put.


There is no doubt that the 84LM960V looks good, with its metal and glass design it’s not the lightest of televisions and at the size it’s not going to be one you’ll be looking to move once it’s placed. The monster though is quite thin at 25mm. It looks beautiful and has quite a futuristic finish, of course the most important question is will the image quality that it can provide at the moment actually live up to its looks.


Other than the much touted 4K ability that will of course make it stand out, and the sheer size of the television the rest of the features are pretty standard for the modern high definition television. The television can be connected to the internet and has a Smart TV portal which offers connection to services such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube as well as network streaming. The television is also 3D which is almost standard nowadays.

The connections to the television include four HDMI connections, three USB, PC and Ethernet. The network can also be connected to by Wi-Fi so there are no worries about the need for Ethernet cables connecting to your router. The television also comes with two remote controls which are a normal LG remote plus a Magic Remote wand for internet use and gaming.

Image Quality

The best quality the 84LM960V will provide is of course through the use of 4K resolution source, which is not available to homes at this time. This is bound to change though as the resolution becomes more mainstream and ready for widespread distribution. With Sony rumoured to be making the Playstation 4 compatible with 4K this shows there is already a move to provide the support, but it will come in time. With a television like this the results will be amazing.

For now, the average user will have to put up with the upscaling that the television does, full HD sources are upscaled to 3840 x 2160 so Blu-rays for example will look very good, not up to the 4k standard of course but still way above normal quality. The 3D performance is also above standard using passing FPR technology and making use of the upscaling too.


The hardest thing to get past is what you have to pay to get a television like this. At around £22,500/$36,621 this is something that only the very rich would be looking to buy. The fact that there are no real 4K sources yet is something that will hold it back too though. When 4K sources are more widely available and the technology becomes cheaper this is one of the televisions that will be looked to as a way of making use of the new resolution. With sources that are readily available today such as Blu-rays and 3D the LG 84LM960V is a very good choice, but so are the other highly priced televisions that offer similar quality (for example the Sony KD-84X9005). Televisions like these are a look to the future, and with this type of quality the future is looking very good indeed.