There Are Questions No Human Person Can Ever Answer and That Has to Be Okay

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Why is God letting this happen? Where is God right now?

We hear the questions loud and clear because more often than not, we’re the ones who utter them. And if we’re not asking them, we’re thinking them while our teenager storms into the room and declares, “Mom, doesn’t God see this?”

Those types of questions sometimes cause us to doubt. Often, they lead to even more questions until we’re chasing our own tail and bringing ourselves to tears. I’ve been there too many times lately.

Because these days the news finds us no matter where we are.


Surrounded by questions is a lonely place to be. Especially, when it looks like someone else has the answers all figured out. Some try to neatly fit these answers into a package and top it with a crisp bow. It can’t be that easy or else we wouldn’t be where we are. I’m still caught in between.

How many times have you been in the in between, friend?

I wish I could explain the atrocities that occur with succinct knowledge and say, “Well, we just need to pray.” I wish it were that simple. It’s such a cookie cutter way of approaching a hurting world.

People are still senselessly dying, women are still being shamed, people of color are still taken to the gutter with a rap sheet of wrongdoings, children are still starving at the hands of their parents or by the hands of the machine.  We are still dying.


I don’t think it’s God’s perfect plan either.

We talk until we’re blue in the face. We ask, we pray, we plead, we shout, until there is nothing left inside of us except, “why?“.

There will always be questions no man can ever answer for us. Sitting with that knowledge must be okay. There are also answers we can never have this side of being alive. When our souls transcend into heaven, we will know why. But I think it will be a peaceful knowing. Why would God want to reawaken the madness we feel on earth up in heaven?

I want to believe for right now the answer is: because I created you. Maybe we’re supposed to live out the explanation.

Because He created you.

Standing around, waiting for answers is not the way to approach any heartache. We need to dig deep into our spirit and proceed to make things happen. But, at some point, someone is going to have to be quiet.

At some point, our hands and our actions are going to have to speak octaves louder than the words that come out of our mouths.

And I don’t know what that looks like for everyone as a whole, but I know what it looks like for me. More writing, attending community functions and opening up my table for discussion. Keep on keeping on.

Prayer alone is not enough.

Prayer without action is like a table full of food with no one there to eat it. You have to invite guests to the table. You have to make it known. It has to be a welcome gesture. We must initiate.


There are questions which no man will ever answer for us. We also have to be prepared when God doesn’t give them to us right away (if ever). What actions will you put in place to start living toward being okay without answers, but not remaining stagnant?


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