Open Mic Monday – Knit Together

Faith Grace

How are we knit together in our home?

When I sat down to write for you, I had something else in mind for this post.  I can’t even remember what I wanted to write about because I was pulled in another direction. How am I  knit together in my home?   Friend, when this was where my writing took me, I just about fell out of my chair.  “My home is not the womb, God!”  Cough, cough Psalm 139:13.

Oh, but it is.

Home is where we are stitched together to create a fabric of life for generations to come. This applies to single-parent homes, still-living-with-parents homes, living-alone homes, and the list goes on.  It covers your home, too.  What comes out of your home contributes something profound into our world.

Home is where we are mended when we become worn from too much usage.  Home is where we return to like the prodigal son.  Home is where we return to like Christ ascending to heaven.  Home is where we become whole again.  But, if our home is not a place of coming together, we may be missing something.

Our home should be weaved together by the Most High, yet…

Home is the first place I become unraveled.  How about you?

If it’s not the dishes, it’s the puppy.  If it’s not the laundry, it’s the way we fail to keep on schedule.  If it’s not the TV, it’s the still empty planters on my porch.  I’m sure there is a lot going on between those lines, but nothing and no one sets the tone in my home like I do.  Am I wrong?

I believe I was created as the compass of my home.  Sometimes, that task is too big.  Oh Lord, have mercy.

Here are three things we can do:

  1. Breathe.   Yea, yea.  Everyone says breathe.  Have you closed your eyes and taken a deep breath before your moment of unraveling? Take life into your lungs.  What goes in must come out.
  2. Whisper.  I know the dog is not going to hear you whisper for him to cut it out, but have you tried speaking a word of good intent into your home?  Into its structure?  Whisper life into the very walls that surround you.
  3. Look up.  Before you look at another dirty dish in the sink, look up.  Don’t focus on the light bulb that is STILL burned out (I get you, trust me).  Look beyond that.  Look up beyond your circumstance.

I was knit together in my mother’s womb.  He knew my name before I was conceived, and now I am in a world that seems to shake me at every turn.  I pray to let my home be a place of rest, understanding, forgiveness and love.  I pray my home continue to be a place of becoming whole.

I could use this reminder often.  I’m going to add sticky notes in my kitchen with these words: Breathe, Whisper and Look Up!  Will you join me in doing the same?   How are you knit together in your home?

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