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How does God use community to reveal his hope to us?

By definition, community means a fellowship with others due to common interests, attitudes and goals. Yet, I think of community as the place where I plant my roots. My little neighborhood on the southside of San Antonio, Texas is my community. I pay taxes here, I support local business, and I pray for these streets.


I can quickly become oblivious to the needs of others because I don’t stretch myself outside of my own community.

In other words, only hanging out with my church sisters dismembers me from Mike, a 60-year old man, walking the streets looking for work after he was displaced from his home in Detroit, MI.  How many times have we been displaced in our hearts?

Never setting foot outside of my church walls, severs me from Jackie, a 26-year old woman, hungry for a life she’s been trying to escape since she was raped at 10-years old.  How many times have we been so hurt we reach out to addictions which we justify because of our circumstance?  Food, retail therapy, sex, businesses… Do I go on?

Community is more than the people in our immediate reach. More often than not, the community outside of our own is not very different from us no matter how much we want to think it.


It’s easy to miss the miracle unfolding before us because we don’t leave our bubble.  Remember the walk to Emmaus?  Jesus’ followers walked right next to him as they explained about the “prophet who did powerful miracles,”  saddened about the “mighty teacher” condemned to death, oblivious that the “crucified Messiah” was, in fact, walking right next to them.  They were talking about Jesus to Jesus! (Luke 24:13-34)

Stop talking to the miracle about the miracle!

Every day there is an opportunity to become more open-minded, lead with an open heart and walk with open arms when it comes to people and neighborhoods that are not our own.  When I serve the streets, I think I’m taking the hope to them (and I might be), but I wonder if it is in me that the hope is placed.

I will miss the miracle outside my gate if I don’t leave my front porch.

Will you leave your yard this week, friend?  Allow God to use community to reveal his hope to you.

I’m kicking off March with open arms to embrace community.  Join me all month to experience community in writing, church, neighborhoods, and within ourselves.

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