Book Review: Never Unfriended by Lisa-Jo Baker

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The desire to morph into one hundred different versions of yourself in order to maintain friends is astounding. And sometimes at one hundred and one, you fake it until you make it.

I can count on one hand the amount of friends I’ve maintained since childhood. Social media makes the world of acquaintances spilling out and pouring over. Some I wish I could meet in person right this minute.

Friends, though. Friends are gems. They are gentle nuggets of wisdom that never judge you for who you are. Unless you’re wearing Uggs, and then all bets are off. I kid.

In my tribe, I’m the left leaning, Jesus loving, tree hugging hippy-who-wears-a-bra, poet against systemic oppression friend. I stick out in my tribe but come hell or high-water, I can always run to and run for the fab three: Lonna, Kathleen, and Arlene.

I get unfriended and unfollowed every day – It’s so easy to hit a button and never have to see or hear from that person again. It stings even more when that person called you friend for some time. This is the world we live in and it’s such a sad reality.

I may get a knock on the door if I were to unfriend one of the fab three. We don’t stand for that mess. It’s because we know each other on a deeper level and the surface stuff is just superficial.

Living tied to clicks and likes and friend requests on Facebook will drain the life out of us.

Can I get an amen!  In Never Unfriended: The Secret to Finding and Keeping Lasting Friendships, Lisa-Jo Baker explores the ONE who will never unfriend us – Jesus. She explores why we can’t expect others to fill us up in places we run dry. Jesus is the only peacekeeper and peacemaker in our souls. He is the first and true friend.

Latching on to a friend with the hope that they will give us God-sized affirmation will always disappoint. This is neither our friend’s fault nor our own.

Often, we expect way too much from our friends. We set friendships up for failure when we require of them what only God can fill for us. Ultimately someone gets hurt. At that point, we can get through it or we can check out. Forgiveness is ground zero.

I appreciate how Lisa-Jo approaches relationships in Never Unfriended. Broken down into four parts, the reader goes into Lisa-Jo’s friendships to show us where they mended together and where she fell short. I can relate to many of the stories.

Often a woman’s worst friend is the voice inside her own head.

My favorite chapter – one I can refer to time and again – is Chapter 13, “Don’t Be Afraid To Listen (Even If You Don’t Like What You Hear).” She breaks down seven ways to respond to hard conversations. I’m making flash cards with each reason on them. They are good and soul-filled ways to respond.

I could be a better friend. How about you?

I am convinced that the shortest distance between strangers and friends is a shared story about our broken places.

Never Unfriended is a book you’ll want to purchase for your entire tribe of friends. This book is a fun and uplifting relief compared to other self-help books on relationships I’ve read. It falls back on scripture without being preachy and without psychology jargon. I recommend this book if you’re looking to strengthen your relationships and give yourself grace in the process.

This quick read will have you laughing, reflecting, digging deep, understanding connections, and valuing friendships from start to finish. Don’t miss out.

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Never Unfriended releases on April 4, 2017.

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