Let It Go – Moses Style

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“You gotta go through your Exodus.”  – Pastor Harvey

Each time I read Exodus it drives me insane.  I can’t get through the first few chapters without thinking, “God, why don’t you just tell Pharaoh yourself?  Stop sending Moses back and forth with messages!?”

I couldn’t get passed this until recently.  It occurs to me that God repeatedly sent Moses because Moses needed those messages just as much as Pharaoh.   Let me rephrase.  The lesson God needed to get across to Pharaoh was a lesson Moses also needed to learn.

Before His people were let go, Moses needed to let it go.

Let go of the insecurity of not speaking correctly, let go of the temper tantrum brought about by not seeing the results he wanted, let go of the mentality that God answers prayers at the drop of a dime.  Let it go!  Let it goooooo!  Catchy jingle.

While I sing out of tune and pretend I’m an opera singer, a loud record scratches under the needle wrecking my imaginary blue gown with sprinkles of snowflakes dazzling my hair.  You let it go, Carolina.

Whoa!  Wait a minute.  Let what go?

Remember when you circled Exodus 6:9 because the brutality of washing dishes discouraged you?  You boycotted washing dishes.

Of course, my mouth hit the floor.  Washing dishes isn’t an Exodus by any stretch of the imagination.  Unless, you’re at my house.

But, God…  Like a Moses temper tantrum I thought I could rationalize not washing dishes, secretly praying that God would dispense a plague of gnats in Exodus proportions into my kitchen to teach everyone a lesson.

Let it go.

I do so much.

Let it go.

I can’t do it all alone.

Let it go.

The lesson God needs my family to learn will be a lesson I will need to learn first.  I will need to go through my Exodus. No more excuses.

Sweet friends, do you feel like boycotting the mundane because the results are not quickly visible to you?  Hang in there.  The lesson is as much for you as it is for whatever (or whomever) you are holding in prayer.

Soften your heart enough to believe you can take this on.  Believe that grace can carry you through.  You will be set free.

Today, I take on the dishes.  What will you take on?

 Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.   – Exodus 4:12


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