Let Go of The Christian Identity Marker

Faith Grace

“…Sometimes I find myself talking about God so much He becomes more of an identity marker than an identity changer in my life.”  – Lysa Terkeurst

I mean who wants to be around someone whose answer to a good hair day is, “Oh, thank you. Jesus gave me just the right amount of hairspray and He made sure my flat iron was just the right temperature this morning. God made the mousse that is tying this look all back together. Fabulous! Isn’t He!?”

Well, yes. He’s fabulous, but I just wanted to give you a compliment on your hair!

I’m guilty. I get trapped in circles trying to make sure everyone knows I’m Christian. I get caught up in scribbling God on a label and slapping it on anything I see or touch. God becomes an identity marker.


God this. God that.

God here. God there.

God, God, God.

If it’s easy for me to plaster God on a label, it is easy for me to place Him back on the shelf.  {Tweet This}

I’m afraid if I’m not talking about God 24/7, someone will think I don’t really believe. Get me? I hide behind the identity of a “believer.” Can you relate?

If the world can’t see I AM in our love of family, our kindness toward strangers, our open hands for giving, and the smiles on our friends faces when we get together, then our labels mean nothing.

Let go of the Christian identity marker and make God your identity changer.


I don’t want to be known for how many times I could say God out loud or how many crosses I hung in my home. {Tweet This}

I want to be known for how many lives were changed simply because God used me whether the other person knew it was God or not. {Tweet This}

How about you, friend? Will you let go of the Christian identity marker with me? Let’s make God radiate through our identity change.

Amor y Abrazos,


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