He Is Also There, A Poem

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Just as I remember God on days
The sun breaks free from the sky,
He reminds me that He is also
In the war-torn lullaby; just as I

Remember God on days with parched
Ground and base yearning for drop,
So He reminds me that He is also
In the flood waters ripping through

Homes erect then gone, with
Foundations intact and families
Left to hold what memories they
Have gathered in brilliant hope.

He reminds me that He is also in
The dirt that collects under my
Finger nails riddled with work in this
Life that must provide for the next.

Hour by hour counted are the days
Multiplied for the definitive end,
Arrayed in shades of tainted dust –
You came and so shall return

I’m reminded of words that are
Spun and swindled, tossed in a gutter
Without action.  And so He is
Also there beneath the calamity of

The absence of faith, wrapped in
Fibers of don’t forget me even when
It seems too heavy to wear on the
Spine of every person I ever was.

This was a poem I wrote last year. I wanted to share it with you today.

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