On Theology, Food, and Storytelling

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Are you hungry? Head over to the Redbud Post published by the Redbud Writers Guild. Along with my article, “On Theology, Food, and Storytelling” you’ll find other beautiful and important articles for the August Theme: A Holy Recipe: Reflections on Food, Family, and God’s Boundless Blessings.

Teaser post:

We don’t bury pigs into the belly of the earth anymore. Near the cast-iron caldron, steaming with pig skins over a fire, we’d gather to tell stories of how sacred spaces were made for more than church. We’d tell stories of why we loved the neighbor on the right because she made a great caldo (broth),but not the neighbor on the left because he had a perrerio—too many dogs.

My uncles told of how Jesus put bad spirits into the pigs as they forked at the burning wood underneath the cast-iron caldron, torn between biblical knowledge, ancestral traditions, and great flavor. How do you choose?

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