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Welcome to Walk With Me Wednesday where we share together in the journey through writing.  This month I bring to you the theme of community.  I have asked some of my favorite bloggers to join in the conversation. I’m elated to share their work with you.

Today, please welcome Jessica of Malleable.  Jessica is my fearless leader and encourager at Compel Training.  I’m honored to have her and to share these poetic words with you.


Of Jessica:

I spend my day teaching amazing & resilient students from diverse backgrounds in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  I’ve written lifestyle, parenting, and entertainment features for both print and online media outlets.

Excited to say that I guide and encourage fellow ‘lovers of words’ on their own writing journeys as an Iron Group Facilitator with Lysa TerKeurst & COMPEL Training. 



Walk With Me Wednesday

On Books

Ese hombre.

That man.

With a philandering accessory between his legs.

Caused my young mother to shake and wail; she collapsed into a nervous breakdown.

Five days seemed like eternity for a six-year-old and her baby brother while Mami remained tranquilized in at Cooper Hospital.

With anticipation I awoke to Christmas morning at Tio’s.

Tio, who yearned for the caresses of New York City Jewish men.

Tio, who conformed to marriage and the creation of three children.

Tio, who released me from cold avena.

I ran to the living room to shred wrapping paper; I opened a box of Little Golden Books

Instantaneously, I’m cured.

I reached for books in my pain.

I reached for books in folly.

I held on to them for dear life.


On Reading

This flaca can’t stay still.

Mrs. Brooke’s hands me a big read-aloud.

Parks my skinny culo in front of the entire second-grade class

“Read, Jessica.”

Long-haired Puerto Ricans with eyes glazed over listen to English sans accent.

Snot-nosed Blacks with Buster Browns are transfixed.

Whites with head lice are angry that a Latina reads better than they do.

“She’s conceited.”


On Writing

Ruddy-faced Irish woman.

Mrs. Dineen.

Reads my words on water, sand and sun to middle-class kids enjoying Tudor-style stability and nuclear-families.

They leave Honors English saying,

“The teacher read your story aloud.”

Rican girl gets tracked on honors, one of two colored peeps.

The Golden Renaissance begins.

I write under the covers when there’s no heat.

Blowing my nose; finding soot amidst the tissue wads.

I write to cure my anger cause salted milk rice soup is all we have.


On Libraries

I raise my three daughters.

Do that husband works woman stays home thing.

Cook and clean and change diaper thing.

Escape to the library when there ain’t no money for my own book thing.

Read to save me from depression thing.

Annunciate out loud and turn the page thing

Remind myself that I’m ‘Bachelor-ed’ in History and Women’s Studies

Gets demoralized nonetheless thing.

Hate my spouse, so read a book thing.

Love my daughters, so I read them books thing.


On Having a Community of Writing Folk



Lady-writing friends.

Come in and fill the crevices of insecurity when I war for my words.

Stand in the gap and propel you forward.

Critique and empower.

Prayer-coverings they are.

Reminding me: In the beginning was the word and the word was God.

Words which pierce the heart in holy ecstasy

Words that break the chasm of earthly time and will transport us all into eternity.



Hermana, poeta, encourager, beautiful woman of God. Thank you for writing this post for Walk With Me Wednesday. This writing ministry has placed me on a path to meet the most amazing women.  You are one of those women.  Thank you for your words, your honesty, your heart and your continued love of Christ.  Deep and steadfast.  God guide you and keep you on this journey.  Que Dios la guarde para siempre.


Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros
Cisneros Cafe