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Welcome to Walk With Me Wednesday where we share together in the journey through writing.  This month I bring to you the theme of community.  I have asked some of my favorite bloggers to join in the conversation. I’m elated to share their work with you.

Today, please welcome Crystal Hall of The Good News.

I was born in San Antonio, raised on a ranch an hour away from the city. I spent six years working as a television journalist in a career that took me from Texas to Connecticut. I’ll always be a journalist at heart: curious, driven and a truth-seeker. As a former television journalist I’ve covered murders, fires, robberies, abuse, corruption, you name it – I’ve reported on it.  While the Gospel of Jesus Christ may not make headlines or a late night newscast, it’s worthy enough to be told.

Walk With Me Wednesday

We all need a place to call home, that’s not home. Get me?

A place where you’re understood. Where you’re welcome. Where you don’t have to explain yourself because people get it – they get you.

For me, that’s what community is. And I’m fortunate to have that in several different areas of my life. And as a writer, I think it’s important to realize the magnitude of having a solid group of fellow writers around you.


Friends and family who don’t write probably don’t understand you when you’re about to pull your hair out because you can’t get a sentence out. “Just write something,” they’ll say. Or how about, “You’ve been writing all day, and that’s all you wrote?” they might remark.

Fellow writers wouldn’t dare say that. No, instead they would encourage you. You don’t have to defend yourself either because they get it, they get you.

That’s what I love about community – the commonality of interest.

And if we wanted to look a little further and deeper into the subject, all we need to do is open our Bible. There we see that Jesus had community in many ways, and most especially so with the disciples. They were there for Him, and He was there for them.


They talked together. They prayed together. They shared life together.

If Jesus had community, then we need community.

As Christians, we’re called into fellowship with other believers. It’s important that we maintain those relationships and allow them to flourish. That’s how we grow together in Christ. And I believe that to grow as a writer, we need to fellowship with others who have the same calling.

This network of people will offer us encouragement when we’re down and guidance when our words are in need of direction.

Might I ask you how your community looks?

If you don’t have one, perhaps you may do a little searching. There’s no shame in doing so. That’s what Jesus did. He went out and sought His disciples. He formed a community, and He showed us what it looked it – the ups and downs and the beauty wrapped up in what was sometimes a mess. But through it, we’re offered a glimpse of its power and the blessings it bears.

Writers, let’s do this together.

Encouraging you forward,





Thank you for agreeing to write for Walk With Me Wednesday.  As writers, we are in this together through and for the love of Christ.  May he be with you every step of the way, unfolding his beauty before you on this journey.


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