From The Wilderness, With Love

Family Grace

What is this wilderness thing and can I have my money back? I’m all about seasons in my life needing to approach with caution and humble me, but goodness.  When does wilderness start paying rent?

When this jungle parks itself in my driveway, I pretend it’s not there. My friends all see it and I pretend it’s just a decoration.  “Oh, that’s just wilderness.  Never mind that.”

I start reading about it.  It moves out of my driveway and into my books, my coffee, and my kitchen.  It seeps into my writing and my family.  I take notice.  Almost too late.  Like every season it must descend and sunny days are scarce.

We need to talk.


God, what do you want me to know about wilderness?  I feel fine.  I feel joy.  Why is it here?  Because it’s Thanksgiving, of course!

And when family is meant to staple you and give glory up high another force would rather you feel removed and chained down low. 

In her book, Finding Spiritual Whitespace, Bonnie Gray describes “The Wilderness” as a place where “I’m exposed, unsure and undecided.”  I feel all of these individual emotions all at once when I’m around my family.

I’ve come to know that in this jungle of insecurities is the exact place where God comes to meet us.   His greatest opportunity is in our mess. And my family’s mess.  Yes, Perfect Tia Beatriz has a mess too.  Pero no le digas.  But, don’t tell her.  It’s Thanksgiving.

Family can be hard to deal with. I focus on what folds us into each other.  I focus on the tapestry that God is rolling out before me.  For every horrible mistake, we can make a right one.  For every misplaced word, we can speak a healing one.

This month I want to focus on writing about family.  Along with other writers I am glad to share the message of family.  God didn’t call me to sit in the wilderness, he called me to write FROM it.

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”  1 Peter 4:10

Where is your wilderness, your place of unrest, or your place of indecisiveness?  How will you be met there and how will you come out of it?