#FiveMinuteFriday: Collect

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I’m joining #FiveMinuteFriday over at Kate Motaung’s place. The word prompt is COLLECT. Below is five minutes of free flow writing. The forward slashes indicate where the timer started and ended. Go!


//I gather granules of grit between loose fingers,
aged into a sea of believed progress –
assemble stories of fortitude
pierce them through the backbone of America
an epidural of commonality, often a numbing
of the nerves – a collection of musings.

I offer you a prayer, hung
a banner of faith – renewed hope
as autumn leaves fall away
crinkled below worn souls – cracked
like the worn souls of our neighborhoods.
The palpable bridge between
inspiration and creativity leading
these restrained bodies back to light.//


I usually have something to say after a free write. Often, a thought out revelation. Today, the words chose to stick on the screen without further explanation.

Have a great weekend, friends.

Articles I found interesting this week

    1. Seeing Beyond at Blessed Is She
    2. A Rap on Race: Margaret Mead and James Baldwin’s Rare Conversation on Forgiveness and the Difference Between Guilt and Responsibility 

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