#FiveMinuteFriday: Build

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I’m joining #FiveMinuteFriday over at Kate Motaung’s place. The five-minute free write word is BUILD.  Here is what I’ve written with no edits, no corrections, etc. This is five minutes of free flowing natural writing. I find more and more that it spills out in poetry.


It has become evident that our truths
Have become self-evidence

Here lies our fate in the construct
Of this marginalized, penalized body

I am without breath asked to build
Telling when and how and what to build

Fast market doctrines shape these
feelings – can’t quick fix this

Knees cracked from kneeling too long
Questions, more questions, less relief

It has become evident that our truth
Holds the self-evidence

But we turn the mirror to the crowd
Always find ourselves behind it

Honey on tongues tastes better
Than grit between teeth

But we are losing our teeth.


Thanks for joining in the five-minute free write today. Would you like to join? If you are a blogger join the #fmfparty on FB and/or link up to Kate Motaung.  Leave a comment on what the word BUILD means to you.

I found some inspiring articles about current events:

  1. Social Justice is a Christian Tradition – Not a Liberal Agenda
  2. Social Justice IS Spiritual Warfare, but THAT Wasn’t My Dream


Linked to Kate Motaung’s #FiveMinute Friday.