#FiveMinuteFriday: Try (a poem)

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//When I couldn’t seem to put
one foot in front of the other
for fear of tripping on my stupid
broken heart beating lies, dangling low
in my pulpit chest made of questions
expectation gritting its teeth at me,
God whispered, Try.

When my legs dangled above
a maternity ward canyon
buckled hips, loose tongue
pressure igniting my heart to beat
way too fast
give her oxygen, hurry
God whispered, Try.

When I ripped a hungry poem
loose from my jaw
my right hand trembling
eyes fixated and heartbeats
busting out walls of hurt
scattered at our feet, I jumped
over them careful not to press
too hard with my soles
God whispered, Try.//

Here I sit in the middle of another road asking God what he needs me to do. All he whispers is, “Try.”

It’s #FiveMinuteFriday. The word prompt is TRY. Above is five minutes of free flow writing. I welcome your comments and thoughts.

The forward slashes (//) indicate where the timer started and ended. Your turn!

Five Minute Friday photo (try): Kate Motaung

Cover photo credit: Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash