Five Minute Friday Retreat: a reflection

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Written on July 23, 2017.

I’m on my way home from Kansas City, Missouri to San Antonio, Texas. I’ve spent three days with a soulful group of Christian writers. Each one cascaded off the other in bountiful stories of life, courage, and pen. I’m grateful to the Five Minute Friday community.

This morning, I woke up later than usual to join Alice in the gazebo overlooking the retreat center’s lawn.  She read Psalm 19 and we reflected on this before starting our own reflection pieces. We both sat silently alongside one another and wrote poetry.

My biggest take away this weekend was to be comfortable and faithful in our calling. We are storytellers. With the help of God, it is up to us to steward our calling and to steward it well.

I feel I’m ready and able with the cord of three strands. Are you being a good steward over your calling?

Enjoy the poem I wrote this morning in the wake of a subtle Missouri storm.

In the folds of green Missouri foliage
damp, evening rain kissed blades of grass

Birds festive – alive with joy
at what God offered at daybreak.

I know it is for me too as we sit together
Alice and I reading Psalms into the gazebo –
into my shell, Amen.

The fawn prances across the meadow, stop
faces us, takes note of our morning, lazy eyes
as we sit close to one another

we huddle Jesus into our palms

A tiny bird flies in, lands caddy corner
on the wooden ledge, drops its own memory verse
flutters off into the gulping Midwest –
she joins her family and convenes in discussion
how and who will they grace next?

The Most High worked out a deal with them,
If you carry in the beak of your mouth
and heart of your eyes, my message, I will
give you wings to fly
courage to not fear falling – go tell that
to the world

and they do – they hope it for us too.

The sun barrels in without pause
like a woman ready for this particular day

ready to make ready

Beams of life cascade through
the wooden gazebo walls – let’s tell a story.

Are you ready for my story?

I cup mine in half like an offering
a willful expression, a plea
an “Oh Thank you, Jesus” because you see
There is nothing hidden from you
And here I am.

This is my story – my song.

What happens next? I made so many encouraging connections at the Five Minute Friday retreat. I can’t wait to see how God continues to flourish our friendships. I’m truly blessed by knowing these woman. They are dear to my heart.

I pray for each one of them as we scatter out into our areas of the world. I see Jesus in each one of them. Hugs, laughter, jokes, and a midnight storm were enough to show each of us that God is a second-chance giver, freedom fighter, and friendship advocate. I love how each woman taught me more of our glorious God.

If you have never been to a writing retreat, I encourage you to save up and participate in one. There is much to be gained from hugging your online tribe in person and sharing in love and friendship for a higher purpose. This was my first writing retreat and I plan to attend faithfully from now on, God willing. Do you have a retreat in mind? Which one? What are the roadblocks? Mine is always finances. I can assure you that Five Minute Friday was not costly and it was worth every single penny.

Which retreats/conferences are on your wish list?

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Pile of books photo credit: Photo by Sophie Ollis on Unsplash