#FiveMinuteFriday: Play (a poem)

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//The mangera slithered with the pressure of water,
the green tube-shaped hose similar to a Copperhead snake
that would later bite my grandma’s foot
felt like glass ripped through the skin

when a snake bites, it’s like going through combat
in your own backyard, a grenade ready to shred
the foot of an enemy – to whom does the land belong

With a puffed up chest and eyes weary from it all
grandma says

Voy a buscarla y me las va pagar – I’m going to find her and she’s going to pay
Dios says I rule the earth and not the vibora
 I have dominion over my land and the enemy has to go

My grandma, a warrior of faith
no stone left unturned, no snake let be
If the enemy was going to attack her in her own home
she’d show that snake what she meant by

matriarch – a staple of God’s kingdom come

We played for hours, under a Texas summer sky
Us cousins never bored with activity like the one time
we cooked an egg in our makeshift tree house
the sun brought explosions to a sky
a fanfare made of egg shells, yolks, and membranes//

When we played outside, my grandma warned us of snake bites. One could grab hold of our feet if we weren’t careful. Growing up, I only saw them when grandma killed them. She would tell us to not be afraid. God didn’t want us to fear them. That is why He made them to crawl on their belly.

We used to hang them in our driveway to make the rain come. The buzzards would fly down and feast on our barbed wire fence ripe with the bodies of snakes. I always thought we had tons of enemies, but that was not the case. We lived in the country. Ha!

Years later, when we were grown, a copperhead bit our grandma. She survived it by the grace of God. She always joked she would find it and make it pay. The prompt brought on a wonderful memory of playing in the backyard, always aware we may get bit. It’s also completely metaphoric of our lives as adults navigating the backyard of the world.

Although there is fear in the world, I hope I never lose my sense of wonder, joy, and ability to play.

It’s #FiveMinuteFriday. The word prompt is PLAY. Above is five minutes of free flow writing. I woke up at 2:00 a.m with my baby and decided to write. I welcome your comments and thoughts.

The forward slashes (//) show where the timer started and ended. Your turn!