#FiveMinuteFriday: Future (a poem)

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//I’m a messy Christian, the kind that’s mismatched
Flash danced, grooves scratched – too much vintage on blast

the kind with a smooth gait like Lila Downs flinging
cucurrucucú catching on every haikU as she stares at you

I roll messy with my faith like a kid learning to ride a bike
on the streets of my barrio pockmarked, pot-holed

stories treasured like gold in two languages
one for love, one for survival Tucked in my back pocket

if I’m asked for my papers
Whipping tongUe, flinging lips, and blinking eyes

heart on my sleeve watching the neighbor’s reprieve
on my last day of leave

The future is one grace embalmed mentality
a community that sticks togetheR makes space

for one another when the hounds of hell emerge
to lick a wound reservEd for the saints.//

It’s #FiveMinuteFriday at Kate Motaung’s place. The word prompt is FUTURE. Above is five minutes of free flow writing. I usually wake up at 4:00 a.m. to write and a poem is born. I plan to sleep a little later and wrote for you tonight instead. I welcome your comments and thoughts.

The forward slashes (//) indicate where the timer started and ended. Your turn! Join us at Kate’s place.