#FiveMinuteFriday: Blessing (a poem)

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//I wrap the mocking-bird with my fingers,
slow, deliberate, loose
Grace fills the spaces my fingers
leave exposed like my testimony

The mocking-bird flutters
its feathers paper-thin
I want to write on its wings
all the names drawn inside of me

Song of joy, daughter of Arthur
my guardian angel
a chirp lodged in the throat
where Mexico, Spain, Germany, Texas
come to bear witness on my bones

Tamaulipecan and Coahuiltecan confess
stories from my great grandfathers
who let the mocking-bird fly free

From my left hand a blessing
where my right eye failed to see
the language of father in sacred space
his memory in records decades worn thin

Reconciled to my maker in all things new
on this side of heaven until the roots
expose this tree trunk of a woman
branches adorned with last names
changed when the tongue refused to roll

Yet a blessing at each Spring sprig
when nopales grow under the desert willow
where harbored water promises to sustain
a generation of tongues and testimony.//

I’m blessed to learn more about my paternal family history. That is where this poem sprang from.

It’s #FiveMinuteFriday. The word prompt is BLESSING. Above is five minutes of free flow writing. I welcome your comments and thoughts.

The forward slashes (//) indicate where the timer started and ended. Your turn!

Blessing prompt photo credit: Kate Motaung at fiveminutefriday.com

Cover photo credit: Shane Drummond