#FiveMinuteFriday: Accept (a poem)

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“Sin isn’t the first true thing about being human. The first true thing about being human is living with God, and with one another, in the radical vulnerability of complete trust.” – Steve Wiens, Whole

//Mom mouthed the words of a maternal matriarch
my name, taken from the bosom of a great-grandmother
and her mother – some clutching of the Spanish conquest
pressed on the Arabic of her great great great grandm(f)ather
Our names given as gifts, blessings packaged in ancestry
sometimes shaped all wrong for ease of pronunciation
the r hangs loose, tired – all battled out – mom mouths my name
it sounds like a car rolling on a line before it gives up – ah!
Carolina, and I accept.//

I’ve thought a lot about naming. How we give voice to hope and sorrow, victory and lament. Each can live in a dance with one another but are altogether outweighed when one doesn’t responsibly carry the other. It’s a burden to carry hope without understanding sorrow. It is difficult to hold victory in the palm of our hands without confessing lament.

Acceptance is the consent to receive.

Do I accept the world in all of its fury, despair, and appetite without also accepting the tranquility, affection, and harmony that stands at my doorstep when I walk outside to breathe in its life? Do I receive all the life and grace God extends to me in my calloused palms?

It’s difficult to process the world as a giver of life when it is hell-bent on taking so much.

Here are three things to motivate our soul work.

Accept That We Are More

More than the feed we scroll down, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. More than the characters we can fit on a backlit page, we are worth far more than rubies. We are more than what we do for a living and more than we can muster from our petite courage.

A twitter friend (Gena) reminded me that I am more than what the world puts on me because of what I carry inside. I am grateful to carry these words with me.

Accept That We Are Deeply Connected

We belong to one another, keepers of each other. God gave us each other to see Him in as many different facets of Himself as is possible.

Sister Joan Chittister calls us to “Do Something” wherever we are. We need each other because doing it on our own is not working anymore. Letting others take care of our responsibility is not working.

Accept That God is Infinitely Greater

Beyond what our mind can imagine or comprehend, God is greater still. I speak from experience. I’ve had a mound of unmet expectations piling in the corner of my heart. My only prayer is, “God, when? God, when?” And God doesn’t have to answer me because He already did at the beginning of time when He said, “Tetelestai.” It is finished.

In my eagerness to accept things that are not meant for me, in humility, I bow when pressed against my chest like a new name God says, “Tetelestai,” and I accept.

It’s #FiveMinuteFriday. The word prompt is ACCEPT. Above is five minutes of free flow writing. I welcome your comments and thoughts.

The forward slashes (//) indicate where the timer started and ended. Your turn!

Accept photo button credit: Kate Motaung of fiveminutefriday.com

Cover photo credit: Photo by Natalia Figueredo on Unsplash