Faith, Searching for the Seed

Faith Grace Poetry Solitude Strength Waiting

I am and then I am not
Watching her hurt
For her family, their lives
Their foundation stirred
Quaked thin bottom lining

Ripping vines from beneath
Dirt swollen fingers from
Digging, burying, praying
For a miracle in circumstance

I have words and then I don’t

What kind of writer, poet,
Christian, expresser of divine
Love am I when I am not
Tugged out words from quick
Reference quotes and knee
High stacked paper logs of
Scripture for the mending

But not a word of my own
Sound advice from wisdom
Clothed souls I have not

I watch her pull herself
Together with no words of
Her own she begs for a mustard
Seed if only just one


Granulated in her open hands
I want to find one and in
A field of thirsty plants, not one

S              e             e             d

Not one fully confident seed

We search together – her for her
And I for me and me for us
She will find it alone

Or we will find it together
It will be found this tiny
Mustard seed because

It wants to be found