Facebook Addiction — A Real Problem

Facebook addiction is a term many people may laugh at and discard as a joke or funny term. It is estimated that Facebook support deals with many people claiming to be addicted to the service and new Facebook features. Most social networking sites have particular addictive features that stop normal people from doing everyday tasks. Over 500 million people talk about Facebook online. Even when statuses are “Facebook Down,” people can continue to talk about the site even when they are offline. Addictions to sites can be measured by the amount of time spent online or particular websites.

There are many ways that you can usually tell whether someone has a Facebook addiction. If you are late for meetings because you are checking out the new Facebook, and who is online, then the reality is you may have a slight addiction problem. “Facebook down” would be the ideal situation for people like this to be in. Help is needed if you are going out of your way to check up on the sites activities. Many people talk about Facebook, but not everyone spends his or her life on it. Facebook support sometimes does not help the fact that they are always finding new ways to help new users connect.

Facebook addiction is also apparent when you start to think about Facebook when you are not logged into the service or talking to Facebook support about how to do a particular thing on the site. Many people suffer to the extent that they lose sleep if they do not know what the latest news is on the social networking site. Some people are addicted to the games that the site offers. “Facebook down” is probably one of an addict’s worst nightmares. If this situation makes the sufferer worse, then it is safe to say that they probably have a pretty bad problem. New Facebook applications only make matters worse.

Facebook addiction can also become apparent if close friends and family are commenting on your excessive use of the new Facebook, or news about Facebook. Co-workers are also a good sign that you are addicted if you use the service at work. This is a great indication that you need to move Facebook down a notch in priority level. Facebook support adds new photo tagging features, profile display options, and friend finding tools all of the time, so it just goes to show that they will not be helping you stop using the site any time soon.

In conclusion, Facebook addiction appears to be a real psychological problem for many new generations of people. New Facebook updates every ten minutes doesn’t help these types of people, and Facebook support needs to try and offer some sort of counseling services as a gesture to show they are helping. Moving Facebook down a few priority levels can be harder than you think. The mind has manifested the site into more of a problem than it actually is, in the real world. In order to eliminate this problem altogether people would need to stop talking about Facebook.

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