Expressing Love Through Language Barriers

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We don’t have to speak someone’s language to express our love. Often, words are the barrier.

This morning, I arrived at work to encounter an elderly woman lost and upset in the parking lot, the wind beating at our backsides.

“Ma’am, may I help you find your building?”

She responded, “No. I. No.” She gestured toward her mouth and her eyes quickly fell to the floor.

She didn’t speak English.

Immediately, I felt her urgency. I couldn’t speak to her in Spanish as is usually my standby card.

She motioned to my spine and said, “Massage.” In very slow English I responded that she was at the wrong place. I work at a cancer center; her bus must’ve dropped her off at the wrong location. I wiggled my finger in a “no” gesture.

She immediately phoned her spouse/husband/father and spoke to him in her language. The rain began to show it’s audacity and pitied no one. We were both standing in a downpour with no regard.

She mouthed, “University Hospital.”

“Yes, yes, I can take you there.” She must need physical therapy. I motioned with both of my hands for her to get into my car.

She smiled brightly. Body language she did understand. We drove to her destination and remembering she came on the bus, I gave her my umbrella. 

She asked, “For me?”

I said, “Of course, it’s raining.”

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And her response was not verbal and completely action.

In a language we both understood she kissed my face. She squeezed my face, hugged me and she kissed me again. Her smile was vibrant, her headscarf elegantly played with the wind as she exited my car with her new umbrella.

Love is a universal language. It breaks all language barriers.

Another thing I realized is that we can emulate Jesus without ever saying one word about Him.

Friend, can you show love this week without saying one word?


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