DOWNLOAD QuickBooks 2014 for Mac [Old Version]

This is known as the latest financial management software from Intuit, and it comes with new and old features.On the exterior, this product might combine well with Windows counterpart. In case that it’s the first time you have downloaded QuickBooks 2014 for Mac, you might possibly think that the software represents a little more than an alternation of paint on an app that is considerably similar to its predecessor. Moreover, it also supplies a number of improvements that might improve the value of apps and give you a great clue so that you can check your own business effectively.

As you know, to the initial versions of this app, QuickBooks’ Roundtrip feature is used to create a backup for Mac data file, and it might be restored in the Windows version of QuickBooks. Nonetheless, if your employee is working on your file, it’s certain that you can’t use or make any change to the data on your Mac. Therefore, QuickBooks for Mac will help you import daily entries which are important to your credit information and debt. That means your employee might change the data while your Mac is running. If your employee finishes, the data will be automatically imported.

Now, let’s look at QuickBooks for Mac’s Home Page! It’s a flowchart interface with light colors and useful and new tools on it. In addition, its Snapshot might combine all your information into a single view. Owing to that, you are able to have a detailed overview of your current business. A small and colored Snapshot button is at the top, and it gives a list of what you need as un-billed time, overdue invoices, open estimates, open invoices, and information on invoices. Meanwhile, the bar below will show vital graphs and other information related to your account balances, accounts payable, income & expense breakdowns, and income & expense comparisons.

In addition, you also find out new features on QuickBooks for Mac, consisting of Set Up and Go buttons. Both of them will give necessary videos so that you might follow and know how to get started with this product.

Do not forget its various supports on no accounting knowledge required due to the clear tutorials of making the invoices, recording expense, and many more. 60-day-money-back guarantee will be another cool feature of this product.

At this time, you can download QuickBooks 2014 for Mac if you’re in the US. Just with simple clicks, you might put this product in your own kart with a wonderful discount – 24% OFF and get a Free Shipping for the order over $35. All are at Amazon site! Come and take one now!

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