Don’t Grow Weary

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I’m joining Five Minute Friday for the first time. Today’s word prompt from Kate Motaung is REST. Here is my five-minute free write.

I used to think in terms of REST as simply a physical comfort. Legs rested. Eyes closed, though not asleep. Arms limp. The world void of noise. This was my go-to REST position.

If you gravitate toward incessantly consuming words (like me), then you will find REST begs us to take her hand after we’ve devoured the news on any given day.

Blood pressure high. Anxiety escalating. Heart peace stolen. It’s almost impossible not to be caught up in a media storm. We begin to sound like broken records saying the same thing to no one as we mouth out loud our sentiments.

I crave rest in our “in-your-face, let’s not socialize, but choose-a-side-now social media” kind of world. I fall into that trap. I’m not immune. Are you? Please tell me I’m not alone, friend.

I long for quiet spaces still vacant in my mind. Through trap doors and mazes, I know there is a dim calling of His light in the REST.

God’s place of REST is a sacred space in our spirit life. It’s found deep inside when crying out is no longer an option.

How can I reach it without betraying my neighbors in their time of desperate need?  I don’t live in the mentality of “to each his own.” I know REST is necessary but is it a place to take up camp indefinitely? Or is it a space to bunk for the night because life is still happening? The world does not sleep.

Today, I will take a seat in REST, but I dare not let my legs grow weary.


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