Day 7: Finding Hope in Unmet Expectations – Hold

Grace Poetry Prayer Strength

How much can the human soul hold?

Besides earthquakes, hurricanes,
mass shootings, poverty, systemic oppression,
and a cornucopia of hurt,
the human soul also holds
the very breath of our Creator.

Our soul holds the light that illuminates the night.

Woven tightly into humanity is the reason
why we hold so much. So is the reason for why we endure,
what we lose, what we gain,
and what we released at the moment of our creation.

It is all knit together in us for us.
We gather testimony like a string of lights in adoration.

Testimony is the light we hold that illuminates the night.

We’re asked to hold and hold and hold.
Tucked in the holding is the breath that brought us to life.
The words which sewed us together, “let there be…”

Let there be.


Friend, this is Day 7 of a series of posts for the month of October. I’m joining Kate Motaung over at Five Minute Friday for the yearly Write 31 Days challenge. Above is what I wrote in 5 minutes.

My topic is “Finding Hope in Unmet Expectations” because that’s what my book is about as well. On Fridays, I will write you a poem. Each day has a different word prompt. I hope you enjoy.

Today’s word prompt is HOLD.

Cover photo credit: Photo by Naletu on Unsplash