Day 22: Finding Hope in Unmet Expectations – Light

Faith Grace Poetry

2014. or 2015. or the in-between time.

I remember how the light broke off
in stages,
at first.
Then, it bent
beyond time
and delayed memories
became reality

When I collected my senses
before they became whispers
in the mouths of others,
I saw what people call
“a flash before my eyes” –
those of headlights
from the Chevy Avalanche
my wake.

All I gather now are songs,
quiet praise
for sparing a wandering sinner.


Friend, this is Day 22 of a series of posts for the month of October. I’m joining Kate Motaung over at Five Minute Friday for the yearly Write 31 Days challenge. My topic is “Finding Hope in Unmet Expectations” because that’s what my book is about as well. On Fridays, I will write you a poem. Each day has a different word prompt. I hope you enjoy.

Today’s word prompt is LIGHT.

Cover photo credit: Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash