Day 13: Finding Hope in Unmet Expectations – Invite

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This is an invitation to plant life, a wild seed, in healthy soil.

Where are you scattering joy? Where are you tilling hope?

I started a garden last year. With high hopes and focused expectations, I was sure that by this year we’d have a farm and a perfect compost barrel. I was sure we would be THE Latinx hippy cultivators of ranch life in the barrio. Already the neighbors were peering over the fence in awe and wonder at an area of my backyard covered with a bright blue, noisy tarp. They would peer at me sideways when I shoveled the dirt and moved it around.

One day neighbor #3 peered over and said, “Got a dead body in there?” His sly smile wanted in on the action.

“Nah. It’s my compost.” I was so proud!

“What is a compost?” Because in the barrio we eat all the leftovers.

“All the scraps of food we throw away go in here. It becomes dirt that we can use for future planting. And the earth loves it.” My smile was a little creepy but it was enough to make the neighbor go away with a seed in his mind.

Fast forward one year. I don’t have chickens. We don’t have an incredible compost pile. My peach tree is struggling. I think the locusts ate my Chinese plum, and my pecan trees are desperate for a change in weather. I feel like a failure when I look outside and see nothing but dried up, crunchy grass. Thanks water restrictions.

I drive down the block toward work, and two houses down you could bounce off the yard, it looks so fluffy. I secretly wish the neighbor get black, fuzzy hungry caterpillars and locusts. Just kidding.

I didn’t expect not to have a plentiful and fruitful garden. God reminds me of this dormant season in my life and reminds me of the invitation to cultivate His promise inside of my heart.

So what if Chavella’s yard is a-m-a-z-i-n-g? My season will come.

Right now, I remain faithful to where I am and use this time to plant seeds of joy and hope where the ground is rich with promise.

Are you feeling like a failure, friend? Choose this time to invite hope and joy into your heart. Plant a seed of prosperity in you and watch your garden flourish.


Friend, this is Day 13 of a series of posts for the month of October. I’m joining Kate Motaung over at Five Minute Friday for the yearly Write 31 Days challenge. Above is what I wrote in 5 minutes.

My topic is “Finding Hope in Unmet Expectations” because that’s what my book is about as well. On Fridays, I will write you a poem. Each day has a different word prompt. I hope you enjoy.

Today’s word prompt is INVITE.

Invite button credit: Kate Motaung of Five Minute Friday

Cover photo credit: Photo by Neslihan Gunaydin on Unsplash