Clothing Myself in Love When the Workplace is Less About Love and More About Binding

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I wanted to sit at the table with a dirty Chai latte (espresso, chai tea and milk) and talk about the mess today, but I got really caught up in applications, deadlines and catching up with reading my fellow bloggers’ posts.

It was also a war zone at work yesterday.

Call it divine intervention. I had small group bible study on the same night as the ferociousness at work ensued. God perfectly aligned me to land on solid ground with my group of bible study sisters. I was blessed, but it’s not always this way.

After small group, we headed over to enjoy a little retail book therapy.  $18, three books, and two hours later, God granted me the serenity to accept the thing I could not change (at work).

And bargain books for the win, friends!


When I arrived home I dug deeper into my trusty Bible for some words of affirmation and love from the Most High.  This isn’t always my first plan of action.  I can be better at this.  Can you?

When I pulled out my Bible, I was glad not to turn to a page on war.  There was too much of that at work last night.  Instead, Colossians stood right out for me. I wanted to share that scripture with you.  It is also in line with my theme on community this month.


Love binds me in perfect harmony. I am called to live in peace. Friend, did you hear that?

No matter what the day brings and what moods other people try to put us in, we can make a choice to live in harmony with ourselves as a direct reflection of who Christ is. That’s good news.  And that’s what I’m sitting with today.

Did you have a bad day today, friend?  Shed that negativity and clothe yourself with harmony and peace.  I know I could use a better reminder and I thank God for the community of women that uplift me and keep me planted in His word.

Let’s pray:


I let other people affect me and I lose my cool. When I do this, I give them the upper hand instead of turning to you for guidance. I don’t want to get caught up in the mess. In the morning, when I wake, I want to clothe myself in the garments you’ve laid out for me.  Love, peace, harmony, and thankfulness. I can’t handle this life on my own. Thank you for grace never ending. 

In your name I pray. Amen.

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