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Facebook Timeline: Prepare Your Band for Innovation

Facebook keeps on developing and this time it has prepared some interesting innovation –Timeline for brand pages. Though this novelty will go live on March 30, every one can now preview the new look and estimate the changes before this update takes effect.

In order not to stumble upon different kind of surprises while using Timeline after its official start-up you need to prepare your brand. It is crucial to understand the mechanism of work and not to throw away everything that you already know about brand pages running. So here are some effective tips for you right now:

1. Stick to your own social media plan. The layout of your brand page will look different after Timeline introduction but Facebook still remains a strong communication tool by purpose. Your main goal is to create and support two-way communication with your clients so if you have already developed some social media plan you must stick to it anyway. Timeline promises to make pages more aesthetically attractive but it doesn’t mean that you can relax and count only on customers’ impression from a new visual image of your brand page. You must continue working on your page promotion so don’t stop and don’t think that Timeline introduction can influence your marketing strategy.

2. Prepare an image for Timeline There is one great feature that new Timeline will possess – a large image that is to be featured at the top of your brand page. Facebook has granted a lot of space for this particular image so you must use it in a smart way to turn into another page benefit. This is a perfect way to show something really powerful and catchy. You are able to change the image when necessary but in every case it must be attractive and make your visitors like your page from the first sight. You are free to choose any picture but you have enough time to prepare something winning and effective.

3. Go through your brand history Timeline gives an excellent opportunity for every business to share more historical facts about the brand. As you will be able to tell about your company history choose the most important dates, such as the day of foundation, moving to new location or introducing new services. Show how your company developed in the course of time. Customers appreciate when business uses a kind of a personal touch and are likely to know more about your company to understand it better. So you must use the chance and tell a friendly story about your brand, let your clients know how it started and how turned into the present situation, describe the main steps of your successful career.

4. Do some cleaning Timeline and spring-time make up a perfect opportunity for cleaning your Facebook brand page and evaluate the people that are involved in working on it. Take a look at the list of your page admins – do you really need all of them or not? Refresh your page updating the information, spice up by adding multimedia content and change the location data if necessary. Timeline will also provide a map feature so you must make sure that your company location is right and people will find you easily.

5. Don’t be afraid of the changes You don’t have to interpret Timeline start-up as an effort to force you to make some considerable changes suddenly and quickly. You have time till March 30 to get used to this changes introduction and prepare for switching from your brand profile to Timeline. So there is quite enough time to adjust your business page and meet the changes with no worry. Your fans will visit the page, your regular customers will appreciate your work and you still need to attract potential clients. Everything reminds the same except your brand page visual image which promises to be more stunning and eye-catching. Don’t be afraid of these changes and think over an effective strategy that will help you use Timeline features for your benefits!

Facebook Addiction — A Real Problem

Facebook addiction is a term many people may laugh at and discard as a joke or funny term. It is estimated that Facebook support deals with many people claiming to be addicted to the service and new Facebook features. Most social networking sites have particular addictive features that stop normal people from doing everyday tasks. Over 500 million people talk about Facebook online. Even when statuses are “Facebook Down,” people can continue to talk about the site even when they are offline. Addictions to sites can be measured by the amount of time spent online or particular websites.

There are many ways that you can usually tell whether someone has a Facebook addiction. If you are late for meetings because you are checking out the new Facebook, and who is online, then the reality is you may have a slight addiction problem. “Facebook down” would be the ideal situation for people like this to be in. Help is needed if you are going out of your way to check up on the sites activities. Many people talk about Facebook, but not everyone spends his or her life on it. Facebook support sometimes does not help the fact that they are always finding new ways to help new users connect.

Facebook addiction is also apparent when you start to think about Facebook when you are not logged into the service or talking to Facebook support about how to do a particular thing on the site. Many people suffer to the extent that they lose sleep if they do not know what the latest news is on the social networking site. Some people are addicted to the games that the site offers. “Facebook down” is probably one of an addict’s worst nightmares. If this situation makes the sufferer worse, then it is safe to say that they probably have a pretty bad problem. New Facebook applications only make matters worse.

Facebook addiction can also become apparent if close friends and family are commenting on your excessive use of the new Facebook, or news about Facebook. Co-workers are also a good sign that you are addicted if you use the service at work. This is a great indication that you need to move Facebook down a notch in priority level. Facebook support adds new photo tagging features, profile display options, and friend finding tools all of the time, so it just goes to show that they will not be helping you stop using the site any time soon.

In conclusion, Facebook addiction appears to be a real psychological problem for many new generations of people. New Facebook updates every ten minutes doesn’t help these types of people, and Facebook support needs to try and offer some sort of counseling services as a gesture to show they are helping. Moving Facebook down a few priority levels can be harder than you think. The mind has manifested the site into more of a problem than it actually is, in the real world. In order to eliminate this problem altogether people would need to stop talking about Facebook.

Learn how to Remove Applications from iPad

Apple’s iPad has been used widely in the present time and a lot people have been seen to acclaim this devices as one of the best gadget they have purchased so far. Although a very useful gadget which is following the latest trends and technologies, it has often caused some confusions over the minds of various users to perform certain basic tasks using it. For instance, I have seen most of the users simply asking for help to get rid of an application which he installed on his device but remains clueless on how to remove applications from iPad. Here, I am not talking about the gadget-savvy geeks who seems to have the expertise to even dig out the internal chips from it but instead this situation is seen to be very much true for novice users who had no such technical skills over it or has just laid his hands on the gadget. Whatever may it be, let us now have a look at the various steps on how to remove installed apps from iPad.

Steps to remove or uninstall applications from iPad

You can easily remove or uninstall any installed application which is being purchased or otherwise downloaded from the iPad AppStore very easily without going through any complicated steps. This very task belongs to preliminary information only and can be accomplished by one and all with a very few steps as mentioned below:-

To start with, you need to simply locate the application which you want to uninstall from the iPad and keep pressing the same for some time until you can notice that the various icons which are placed on the homescreen begins to shake or wiggle. This is the same approach which is also used to re-arrange the icons within the homescreen of the device.

After completing the first step, you will now be able to see a small cross mark ‘X’ which would be present at the upper left-hand corner of every applications listed there. Now, just click on the ‘X’ symbol which is located on the target app that you desire to uninstall.

At this stage, you will be prompted with a message to either delete or cancel the operation while also warning you that the various data which are associated with the said app would also be deleted. Confirm the process by tapping on the Delete button.

You may also be asked to rate the application which you have confirmed to remove. There will be five stars which you can tap to rate before committing to the unistallation process or otherwise skip it by tapping the ‘No Thanks’ button.

Congratulations!! Your application is now successfully removed from the iPad device. If you need the app to be installed in the device again, you can restore it easily from the AppStore whenever you wish.

So, these are the few easy steps involved through which you can remove any installed apps from your iPad device effortlessly. Therefore, no need to panic when you are stuck with any annoying application as you can easily trash them out of the device.



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